the dating at work series – story #2

#2 “The Buyer” – May 2000

I had only been working at my company for 4.5 months when I was thrown into upfront season.  At one of the network parties, I got hammered.  Let me rephrase that, nearly all of the 20-somethings at the party got hammered, including all my co-workers.  At some point toward the end of the party/night, I wound up talking to one of the network buyers.  I vaguely remember being on the sidewalk with him outside the party and calling my mother (I still lived home) to tell her I was staying in the city that night.

I wound up going home with him and we hooked up.  I don’t remember any of it, but I am sure we didn’t just sleep.  In the morning, I woke up super hungover and a little mortified that I slept with my co-worker.  We got dressed and shared a cab to work.  And by share a cab, I mean, the cab dropped me off a few blocks from work so that I could get a new outfit for work at the Gap.  After I paid for it, I changed into it in the dressing room.  Classy.

Anyhoo, we never mentioned that night again, even though we saw each other every single working day.  Then we all moved floors and then it was at random times we’d run into one another.  Eventually, I left the company to come to where I am now, not to mention actually moving my home to the UES.

A few years go by and who starts at my company?  The buyer.  Our paths would cross again.  Not only that, but I figure out that he lives 2 buildings down from me!  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  Now he’s not really someone who I try to avoid, but it’s just so crazy and coincidental.

He no longer works at my company, but he still lives practically next door to me and I see him around the ‘hood every so often.  Oh, and once I saw him at a restaurant in Little Italy while I was celebrating a birthday dinner a few years back.  He was there celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday.  And they were at the table right next to me.  It was a little bit awkward when the waiters brought out cake and sang “happy birthday” to me and then did the same thing for her about 5 minutes later.

I saw him just this morning on my way home from a race.

Yeah, this shit happens to me.


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