the dating at work series – story #3

#3 “Steve” – sometime between 2001 and 2002

I met Steve (his real name as I can’t think of a good nickname) at happy hour one night after work.  While chatting, I find out that he works at another agency (phew, at least it wasn’t the same one as me!).  We went out a couple of times and it was all good.  On one date we got caught in a downpour and he saw me with makeup running down my face and I seriously looked like a raccoon, but he didn’t run away screaming and even asked me out again.  But there was something about him that bothered me and I don’t remember (Can’tRememberShit) what it was, but I eventually decided that I’d had enough of him.  I probably did the fade out, can’t remember.

At some point after I blew him off, I’m at an industry party and having a good time with co-workers.  I was standing talking to one and I see her looking over my shoulder every once in awhile, but I didn’t really make anything of it.  We wrap up our conversation and I turn around.

Steve is standing directly behind me and probably had been for at least 5 minutes.  He was likely what my co-worker was looking at over my shoulder.  He was standing so close to me that he had to have just been looking down at the top of my head.  Uh, creepy!  We must have talked, but about what is anyone’s guess.

We didn’t go out again, but he did call me out of the blue one day.  He asked if I wanted to go out.  I finally, FINALLY, did the right thing and told him that I didn’t want to.  I think my exact words were “Uh, I don’t think so.”  He just responded “oh” and I never heard from him again.

And in a surprising turn, I’ve never come across his name or him again, so he might have made the big escape out of this industry.  It happens for the lucky ones.


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  1. lifeandothermisadventures

    This made me crack up. How awkward can a guy act?

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