first post of 2013

Happy New Year!  Is that old yet?  Yes?  OK, sorry.

I know I’ve been lax about posting, but really for a while there was nothing worth writing about.  I didn’t really want to talk about horrible stuff going on around the world.  My Christmas in Florida was relatively uneventful, though quite lovely.  My New Year’s Eve was booze filled and full of laughs with some great friends.

I finally have some action on the dating front.  I swear on Dec 31 and Jan 1, it was like all of a sudden my eHarmony box blew up and I got requests to start communication.  This was after months of virtually nothing.  Guess on top of everyone’s list of resolutions was to find a significant other.  Sadly, I was not blown away by any of those men.

I got my usual handful of emails on OKCupid, however, there were a couple of guys I was emailing prior to the holidays with whom communication picked back up in the New Year.  The first guy, Mr. Runner (until I meet him and come up with a better name), seems pretty nice from our email conversations.  We are meeting for the first time this coming Tuesday evening.  We’ll see how that goes.

The other guy, we’ll call Scott, I met for the first time last Friday night.  We had originally planned for a Thursday meeting, but he had to postpone to Friday due to a late night work conference call with the other side of the world.  Shit happens, I understood and so Friday it was.  As we weren’t meeting until 9PM on Friday, I went home in between work and heading out to meet him.  Because I was home and settling down (a bit) on a cold, windy night, I was soooo close to canceling on him.  I am so glad I did not.

I chose a restaurant/bar that was located between our apartments, so neither of us would have to go far out of our way.  I got there a few minutes early to find the bar area crazy packed.  And as my life goes, I spied a former co-worker sitting at the bar with his friend.  I hid from him, because yeah, didn’t want to have that awkward conversation that I was there to meet an online date for the 1st time.  So, I stood by the door and Scott walked in not two minutes later.  I suggested we find another less crowded bar and so we walked.  Chatting and walking for about 12 blocks (turning around after 7) we were so caught up in talking that we weren’t really looking out for a bar.  We finally stop at one corner and I break out my AroundMe app to find a nearby place.  I see one bar listed in the app that I know is good and am all like “Did we walk past it???  It should be on this corner.”  Only to look across the avenue and see the restaurant’s name is the biggest letters ever. (I’m usually really good at reading maps and uh, seeing things.)

We get a table and order a cheese plate (of course, I suggested this) and a glass of wine each.  And we continue talking.  And drinking.  And talking.  And laughing.  Until 2AM.  It wasn’t until we took turns to use the restroom and I checked my phone to see that it was 2AM and the restaurant was preparing to close for the night.  What a great first date!  I hadn’t had one this good since that one guy almost a year ago.  That never advanced to a second date, but I have date #2 lined up with Scott next Friday.  And I am very much looking forward to it!

Though he is a couple of years younger than me, he’s exceptionally well-traveled (lived/worked in more than a dozen countries), very intelligent, driven and established in his career.  And holy hell, he made me laugh.  He miraculously found me quite charming and funny, too. (Believe it or not, but sometimes I am able turn off the raving bitch mode).  Oh, and he’s got a great accent being originally from across the pond.  Lord knows I love a foreign accent!  Fingers and toes crossed that date #2 goes just as well 🙂


  1. Yay! So happy for you that you had a great date! Hoping date #2 is even better!

    • Thanks! It was such a fun time. He’s totally someone, who if it doesn’t work out romantically, I could and would hang out with as friends.

  2. Excellent – sounds great! I’ll cross my fingers for you too!

    • Thank you, Matt! Lots of times I think I live on the wrong side of the pond, as I come across many funny, smart men (yourself included) from the UK and thereabouts. I also found great social success in being the “crazy American girl” while visiting 🙂

  3. Yay for a good first date!! And ROWR for British accents. Love it. And really, at our advanced age ((ahem)), a couple years younger isn’t really a deal breaker as long as he’s not still living on mama’s couch, ya know? Fingers crossed for you for date #2. I have a good feeling about 2013 for you. Just don’t forget to invite us all to the wedding!! 😉

    • Oh Misty! If there ever is a wedding, you are definitely on the invite list! Thanks for the date #2 well wishes.

  4. Woo-hoo! I hope the next date goes even better!

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