say what?

Here’s another sampling of messages I’ve gotten.  My comments in green.

“its nice to see you here lets start with a hello, so we can be friends. what is your name? i really would like to know more about you. hope to hear from you. 
What do you do during weekends? and what would you rather you be Doing for this weekend? 
oh how do you feel talking on the phone?”  (It always makes me shake my head when capitalization is sporadic.  I get not using at all.  I’m not one to capitalize when I am IMing others.  But to use it on some sentences or random words within a sentence?  That I don’t get.  EDIT: This guy sent the exact same message again.) 

“This is a long shot for all the obvious reasons, but you are obviously intelligent, attractive, and local, so I thought I’d write. However, I’m well aware that there is nothing in your profile that hints that you might enjoy the specific type of situation I’d like to find out here. 

Still, I’d appreciate it if you would at least read my profile and let me know if my the type of situation I envision might possibly work for you. If not, please take my message in the good spirit in which it was intended, and the best of luck on OKC.”  (This guy had a username that alluded to his “skills”.  He is basically looking to satisfy a woman with no strings attached while she looks for Mr. Right.  Not a bad deal if you’re into it.  It’s just that he’s 57 years old and uh, no.  Just no.  But I appreciated his honesty and pleasant and coherent note to me.)

“Hi there, doing anything fun tonight?”  (Erm, maybe.)

“Hello…. I am not seeking any relationship or commitment. would like to be a friend. I like your profile. You are pretty and unique with cool smile.”  (Thanks for the compliment, but I am looking for a relationship, not friendship.  This guy also lived across the country.)

“hlo…how r u?”  (It’s like playing Wheel of Fortune…fill in the missing letters and win a prize/date!)

“Beware l am really a Rogue that would put you on my back and carry you off to my pirate ship.”  (Ooo, a pirate ship!  Aye aye matey!)

“I really liked reading your profile and think your very sexy hot ..couldn’t help but say that 😉 something about you is really drawing me in..would love to get to know you more..”  (Very sexy hot.  Dayum.  Sizzle!  That’s me, alright.)



  1. LOL I am sure you want to bang your head.

  2. A pirate! I encountered a pirate too:

    How funny- seriously, who are these guys?!

    • There’s all kinds out there. I’m sure some lady out there with an unhealthy obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean will be a perfect match for him. 🙂

      • Haha! I’m sure you’re right. If there are male pirates, there must be female pirates as well! 🙂

  3. A pirate? Really?

    • Aye aye, a REAL pirate no doubt. 😉

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