mid-week randoms

  • Not really dating.  Don’t really care.  Getting too busy with the holidays coming up now anyways.
  • Attended a Sandy fundraiser last Friday with a good friend and met some cool new girls and guys.  In talking with them, it was once again proven how small NYC is when we figured out that we all know a bunch of people in common (either through sleep-away camp, work, high school, post-college).
  • One of the girls I just met invited me to join her tomorrow night to listen to live music at a neighborhood bar.  I’m going to try to go, but tomorrow I’ll have an all day “work holiday party”.  It should actually be pretty awesome.  Catered breakfasts in the large conference rooms on every floor, with food from different restaurants on each floor.  Mimosas in the boss’ office.  Encouragement by senior management to take long lunches (ie, feel free to drink during lunch hour).  Then we have our holiday meeting/party that goes from 3:30-8:30PM at a nearby location.  I took Friday off work, not necessarily because I’ll be hungover, but because I have my apt building super coming to fix something in my apt and I want to be there when he fixes it.  Plus, I have a ridiculous number of vacation days that I need to use.  I also have some baking to do for a holiday cookie & booze party on Saturday.
  • Gotta love some of the people who read your blog and then make disrespectful comments towards me.   (I don’t approve any comment that is blatantly disrespectful or mean-spirited.  My blog, my rules.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it.)  Latest one was a guy who objected to how I used “creepy” to describe some of the guys dating online and thought that should give every guy carte blanche to call me another “C” word.  Cute?  Cool?  Clever?  Chic?  Charming?  How about classy?  A word I would never use to describe that particular commenter.  I don’t mind a mostly friendly debate.  But please don’t be a troll and leave rude comments on other people’s blogs.  I’ve seen others have issues with this as well on their blogs.  Respect their space.  It’s simple common courtesy.  Besides, if you feel so inclined to call me names, do it to my face while not hiding behind your ‘anonymous’ Internet persona.  <rant over>
  • I am a full-fledged nerd now.  I bought The Walking Dead compendium books that contain issues 1-96 and read them.  I never would have ever thought that I’d buy comic books.  They were so good.  I’m debating if I want to buy the books that follow those issues.  Hmmm.  Am I that nerdy?  I might need something to tide me over until the second half of season 3 comes back in February.
  • Happy Hanukkah/Chanukah to my friends who celebrate!


  1. I’m sorry you received disrespectful comments. =(

    Sooo…did you find a job for me where you work yet?

    • Thanks. You let me know when and I’ll set up an interview! 🙂

  2. I miss office holiday parties…that took place during the work day.

    This guy was upset over the use of ‘creepy’? Does he read other blogs? I’ve definitely read much worse when referring to “interesting” people. Guy needs to lighten up a bit and get off his own high-horse.

    • This is the first year they’ve done this “all day” thing. New CEO. He’s pretty cool.

      Yes, Matthew, he opposed the word “creepy”. I’m sure I’ve used worse adjectives. He has his own man/dating/relationship blog……..so clearly he is an expert. I won’t dive deeper into what exactly his expertise is. I’ll allow your imagination to take you there. 😉

  3. I think the C word he was referring to was Creative. Either that or Confident. How about Correct?

    We have a holiday party that pretty much encourages drinking all day as well, but “technically” we are supposed to do some work before and after “lunchtime” (usually about 3 hours). It doesn’t happen much, though. Unless there is some vital legal document that needs to be filed.

    Did you end up going out with your new buddies? I would have at least tried if I was you. You never know who you might meet and who might be a friend of a friend. That’s how I’ve found people find other like minded singles . . . a friend of a friend of a friend kinda thing.

    • I like your suggested “C” words.

      I did do a few hours of work yesterday. I only had two drinks in the 6 hours I was in the office and then 3 in the evening. Later in the night, I did meet up with my new friend and only drank water. She is a complete social butterfly and seems like she’s always game to go out and mingle.

      I agree that it can only help to expand my social circle in meeting others, namely eligible men. Tomorrow, the cookie & booze party is being hosted by a coworker, whom I’ve never hung out with outside of work. So, perhaps I’ll meet some more interesting and cool people.

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