what the?!?!

Holy. Shitballs.

I get into work today.  I’m perusing all the junk, spammy, and legit emails when I come across a certain person’s name with the subject line “All is well”.

Now, most of you may know that I live in NYC and unless you live under a rock, know we had a hurricane pass by causing mass destruction to Jersey and many other areas on the East Coast affected by flooding, fires, high winds, power outages, etc.  I was one of the extremely fortunate ones that lives uptown and kept power, tv, Internet, etc…

OK, back to the email.

It was from the Colossal Douche Bag!

Our breakup was the reason I started this blog.  If you don’t know the back story, read it here.  It’s one of my most popular posts.

Anyways, I open it and this is what I find:

Hey Amy, C**** and M****,

Things are good.  We only had one down tree and it did not fall on my building.   Lost Internet for 4 hours but other than than…things were good.

Just livin’ the bachelor life and will see you soon in Chicago!


Holy shitballs!  Now, I know this was meant to be sent to his sister, Amy, and not me (at least that’s what it’s supposed to look like).  Why the fuckity fuck does he still have my contact info in his address book?  I deleted his shit the moment I was done ripping him 5 new assholes.

My mind automatically went to that he sent this to me on purpose, making it look like the intended recipient was his sister.   Why?  I just found it strange that I was bcc’d on it.  He is sending this to his two sisters and brother-in-law.  Why blind copy them?  I also found it strange that he should mention “just livin’ the bachelor life” when he talks to them all the fucking time (at least he did when we were dating).  Wouldn’t they already know that?  The bcc and mentioning he’s a bachelor strikes me as a tad suspicious.

But anyhoo, I found it WAY amusing that he is just living the bachelor life, cause does that mean his shotgun wedding went down the shitter?  Aww, that’s a shame!  What a fucking douche.



  1. Yeah he did it on purpose. No doubt. Wants to be in your mind, can’t bring himself to let you go completely.

  2. I say he sent it on purpose, too. Why else mention the bachelor life part?

  3. Your original CDB story is still one of the most shocking stories I’ve read on any dating blog! This email does sound very strange, but really it doesn’t make any difference whether he sent it to you on purpose or by accident. Maybe he gets 10 dickhead points if he did it by accident and 100 if he did it on purpose, but he already earned 1000 dickhead points with the whole story two years ago so he’s already well off the charts either way!

  4. Ok, so I just read the original, and here are my theories:

    1. Yes, he sent it to you on purpose, but he’s stupid if he thinks you wouldn’t know that.
    2. He wants you to know he’s single, either because he wants you back, or wants to start up the “casual” relationship (i.e. get laid) that he thinks you had.
    3. He’s just a mega-douche and is taunting you in some way.

    I predict he will try to contact you in some way soon. That was the opening shot across the bow. Be prepared.

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