almost mid-week randoms

– While I was laid up this past weekend, I watched a marathon of The Walking Dead on AMC.  I finally get the hype.  I get the obsession.  I was obsessed.  I am obsessed.  And I am not a zombie-movie, zombie-anything fan.  Along with Breaking Bad, AMC just rocks.  However, no, I don’t watch Mad Men and probably won’t ever.

– I saw Pitch Perfect Friday night.  I’m gonna start calling myself Fat Amy…you know, so all the rest of you bitches don’t do it behind my back.  But seriously, it was funny and I wanted to sing along with them.  Take what you will of the fact that I’d consumed half a bottle of wine and a cocktail prior to the screening.

– Tomorrow night, the second season of American Horror Story starts.  I can’t wait.  It takes place at an insane asylum called Briarcliff Manor.  If you know me in real life, that’s a little ironic.

– Last night on the crosstown bus, one of the most attractive men I’ve ever seen got on and sat right behind me (on a nearly empty bus).  He looked like Ryan Reynolds, except with grey hair and a beard.  I couldn’t gauge how old he was cause the grey hair kinda threw me off.  His face was really young looking.  And he was tall and fit and just hot.  Did I say anything to him, do anything except for trying to steal glances at him in the bus window reflection?  No.  Because I’m lame…L-A-M-E, lame.

– My tendonitis is getting better.  I’m not at 100%, but in quick sprints crossing streets, I don’t have any pain.  Not ready to run yet, but walking distances doesn’t worry me anymore.  I bought some KT tape on Friday after work and taped it all up.  I don’t know if it’s actually helping or if the inflammation is just going down on its own, but I’m digging the look.  Also, I’m wearing sneakers at work – it’s quite the look.

– For the first time in forever, I polished my fingernails.  I usually always have my toes done, but my nails are a whole other thing.  Take a lookie.  Blue on toes, hot pink on fingers.

– There’s this guy (I think) on OKCupid…the strangest profile I have ever come across.  He emailed me a note that said “Random first impression – much cuter with glasses on than off”.  OK, that’s not the worst email I’ve received, but then I opened his profile.  First of all, the only pic of “him” is a close up of an eye.  An eye that looks female (fully made up).

Now if the “dude” is wearing makeup, whatever, that’s his thing.  But come on, that can’t be your only picture.  Put another full face pic up.  That wasn’t the worst of it.  The written content was.  I have no words for it.  It was so bizarre and contained about a billion words (War & Peace had less chapters).  There were links in it that led to his wordpress blogs – one a weird diary of some sort and the other a compilation of his past online dating profiles (the written stuff only, no pics).  I would link them here, but I don’t want him creeping around my blog by seeing me as a referrer.  If you really want to see them, email me and I’ll send you the links.  Maybe I’ll do a separate post with some excerpts of it – I’m telling you, it was strange and really self-absorbed and self-righteous (I mean even more than me 😉 ).

– So, the other night I got a text from Beefcake.  “Shut up!” you say?  Yeah, me, too.  And in typical ifUseekAmy fashion (aka, can’t turn off the bitch switch), I responded with a little sass and haven’t heard back.  LOL.  But then I didn’t think he’d contact me again after the email exchange and he did.  This could be “to be continued”.  Yes, I realize that I am using him as a pawn in whatever it is I’m playing.

– Tonight while waiting for my take-out order (Shake Shack, don’t judge), a little blonde-haired toddler went running by and right out the door to the courtyard…by himself.  Uh, what the hell?  The two guys who were standing next to me and I all exchanged looks, like “who does he belong to?”  The guy by the door kept an eye on the little guy as he played on the handicap ramp.  A few minutes later a guy with a stroller comes by, barely rushing.  WTF?  This jerk-off let his toddler run off by himself?  If he’s running away, yell at him to stop or at least to someone else to stop him.  Or how about leaving the fucking stroller and chasing the kid?  And this guy has a kid and I don’t.  Fuck me.

– Lastly…So excited to receive my Sephora order.  Can’t wait to play with the eyeliner kit!




  1. I saw Pitch Perfect on Sunday! I was slightly sleep deprived, but I did enjoy it. And I love Fat Amy! 🙂 I thought the songs were catchy and it was cute enough. Glad your ankle is healing!

  2. You were on a bus with Ryan Reynolds’ dad and you didn’t at least flirt??? Who are you?

    Nice polish. Me likey.

    And yeah, that really really really looks like a chick. That is bizarre. If it IS a guy, that one be fruit loopy. Beware.

    • I know! This guy was hot and I got all flustered. Damn.


      I am going to post some excerpts from his profile to show how bizarre ‘he’ is.

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