Dammit, it seems that aggressive pedaling in my spinning class on Monday, paired with wearing ballet flats for 3 days straight has caused a fun little flair up of achilles tendonitis in my left ankle.  Fuck me.

It wasn’t until after I got home last night after picking up my race stuff for Sunday, that it really started to hurt.  I guess I won’t be running on Sunday morning.  How many races can I pay for and not do because of injury?  This will be the 7th.  And if it doesn’t get better in a couple weeks, add on the 8th.  



  1. Uh-oh. Sounds to me a bit like you don’t really want to do the run, deep inside. 7 times? Is there anything subconscious where you are wanting to sabotage yourself? Because that’s too much of a pattern to ignore.
    Maybe you’re burned out on racing and just want to run for fun?

    • ifUseekAmy

      No, not sabotage at all. Last year, I badly sprained my ankle that put me out of running during the whole summer/racing season. That was 7 races from May-July that I had signed up in advance for in March.

      This time, it was legit over extending/straining my achilles tendon.

      I’m not burned out at all and was actually getting back into it after the long hiatus (from last year’s sprain and the winter).

  2. Oops, that’s what I get when i don’t have enough information before I shoot my mouth off!

  3. Sorry chica. That does really suck! Hope you are back to 100% soon.

    • ifUseekAmy

      Thanks, it is feeling better. I’m wearing some nifty KT tape, so hopefully that will aid in the recovery.

  4. Ron Wolf

    Urk, sorry to hear that. Spinning should be injury free. Spin coaches who have you crank up the resistance do that you can barely get the cranks around are IMO misinformed & harming their clients. When spinning ALWAYS keep the pedal RPMs above 70 & preferably above 90.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m quite sure it was more my fault in keeping my feet flexed up to give me better traction in pulling on the up-pedal. That and wearing flats for days straight, when I usually mix it up with heels.

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