a couple of updates

– LeDouche did text me on Tuesday.  I was way more civil than I should have been.  Here’s the string.

I have not responded.  Nor will I ever.

– Against some of your advice, I did wind up responding to Mr. Beefcake.  I was pretty much convinced by friends that I needed to go out with him, because it’s a blog post that will just write itself.  We had a few back and forth emails via OKCupid site which went something exactly like this…

Beefcake: Hi Amy.. how was your weekend? I agree meeting and interacting in person is a better way to test out chemistry, I say we try:) lets get together, want to text or speak?
Me: Hi, my weekend was great. Watched some football, brunched with friends, caught up on sleep. Sure, we can get together.
Beefcake: What are your plans today? and I am so curious about the thing you are really good at:)
Me: I can’t do today, I have plans tonight. What about another night? I’m curious to know the things that I’m really good at, too 
Beefcake: Do you use any kind of IM? Oh and give me a hint what you are good at;)
Me: I disabled the chat on here. I do use gchat, but don’t give it out, unless I know you. We’re not quite there yet 🙂 Apparently, I’m really good at putting off work to be on here…

Man, I am such a peach!  I am apparently really good at being a bitch.  Oops.  Is it any wonder that I am still single?  He has not responded yet, if he ever will.  Oh well.  NEXT!



  1. singlewhitefemaledating

    Amy… One word = DELETE. Hahaha
    As I am reading the messages back and forth from La Douche and Beefcake; I see the same thing happening when I am contacting guys. Over the games and BS. 😦

  2. I read this last night, but forgot to comment. Re: Beefcake… my immediate thought was that he had an innuendo laced conversation with another woman and actually mixed you and her up. Classy. Your comment that ‘I’m curious to know the things I’m really good at, too’ cracked me up. I really really really hope that you end up going on at least one date… will he show up in a speedo? A smedium Ed Hardy t-shirt? Fake tan? WILL HE FISTPUMP?! I’m dying of curiosity!

    • I should have clarified in the post that he was actually referring to how I answered a question in my profile. There’s a box that let’s you say what you are really good at. I wrote “you’ll have to wait to find out” — with no intention of being flirty, it was an answer more born out of sheer laziness. I guess I should give him props for actually reading and referring to something in my profile.

      That all said, I don’t think that I’ll be hearing back from him. Oh well, cause I really wanted to see how a meeting with him would go, as well.

  3. Haha. What a supreme idiot! Actually, they both are. You can do better my friend. It’s not worth the blog posts …… 😉 (trust me …….i KNOW)

  4. Kathrynn

    LeDouche! Love it!! I also would be curious to hear about a date with Mr. Beefcake! I bet he gets pick-up lines from Jersey Shore. IT’S TEEEEEEEE-SHIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRT TIME!!

  5. He’s a total pig, beefcake or no, he’s disrespectful and lazy. He will not treat you or any other woman well. He just wants casual sex at his convenience. Blech.
    If he’s not making any efforts now, he’s showing you what you would end up with later – someone who can’t be bothered. Red flags here are flying all over the place!

    The best relationship website that I ever read is http://www.baggagereclaim.co.uk
    It really pulled my head out of my hind quarters, opened my eyes, and made me feel better about myself so that I stopped picking and being attracted to jerks. (‘assclowns’ as Natalie, the lady who writes the blog, calls them:)

    I seriously recommend it to all my friends, in cyber and real life because I think it’s so good!
    Guys like beefcake don’t think they’re doing anything wrong because they don’t care about the woman (in this case you) at all. It’s just about them using lines to get laid – and if they are that selfish and lazy, who’s to say they wouldn’t be equally lazy and selfish in bed?

    • I have no problem with someone being on a dating site looking for casual sex…as long as they own up to it. Their reasons for being on there are not my business. I am usually aware right away what a man’s intentions are. I am not new to dating, either online or in real life. If I know a guy is online interested in getting laid and I think he’s attractive enough, hell, I may be only interested in that from him. I’m not going to judge him as long as he owns it. In fact, I’ll probably respect him a little bit more.

      • You’re a lot smarter than I was when i was actively dating!

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