first time for everything

Last night was a first for me.

I was stood up for a date.

The hot guy from EHarmony was supposed to come into the city and meet me at a bar at 8PM.  I got to the bar about 8:05PM and scanned the bar (it’s a tiny place), didn’t see him, mosied up to the bar, sat my ass down, and ordered a glass of wine.  By 8:20ish, I began to wonder if he was even coming, as we hadn’t had a definite confirmation.  HOWEVER, his last text to me on Thursday was “Keep it for Saturday night, same plan”.  I thought that sufficient enough to think that we would meet at the designated bar on Sat night.

When it was 9PM and clear that he was not coming, I decided to text bestie.  She kept me company and in good laughs through another glass of vino and sympathetic looks from the bartender.  Cause she’s the BEST like that.  The bartender was cute.  Young, prob late 20’s, but cute.  And really tall.  He kept giving me half smiles when we’d make eye contact.  He asked at one time if I wanted a snack, because they do have “cheese plates”.  It’s like he knows me!  I joked with Bestie that he knew the way into my pants!

After I finished glass #2 and it was close to 10PM, I decided to call it a night.  Luckily, this wine bar was literally half a block from home.  So, it’s not like I had to traipse across town or spend half an hour getting home.  Overall, it was a pleasant night.  I enjoyed some yummy wine close to home.  I enjoyed a chat with my bestie.  I shared some smiles with a cute bartender.

I still haven’t heard from that asshole.  I’m tempted to text him a “WTF?”, but it’s not really worth it.  If he dares text me, I’ll rip him a new one then, but otherwise, I’m just writing him off.  I don’t care how hot you are, act like a LeDouche to me and you can go fuck yourself.

Thanks, Kathrynn, for the check-ins and support last night!

I’m gonna go put on some whorey makeup and a whorey outfit and go meet a friend for brunch and to watch some football.  And hopefully get my flirt on with some bar patrons.

Later gators.



  1. A cheese plate?! Panties. Wet. I would have been friendlier to the bartender just to get free cheese. Him being adorable is just a bonus.

    • Cheese is my weakness. I’ll choose cheese over chocolate any day. I need to make it a point to treat myself to an after work glass of wine on a regular basis and flirt with the bartender, esp since it’s literally right around the corner from me.

  2. Kathrynn

    I HATE getting stood up! It’s happened to me on several occasions. At least have the decency to send a text. Or hell, a phone call is even better. But I’m glad the night wasn’t a total loss…flirty bartender had to raise your spirits some!

    • It sucked, but ehh, at this point in my life, I couldn’t give a shit. The bartender and the wine and the conversation made it all worthwhile to be there. BUT yeah, at least cancel last minute. I was joking with my friend this afternoon saying that he better be in a ditch somewhere. I was only half joking.

      • Kathrynn

        Hahahahaha!! I have SO had those thoughts 🙂

  3. What a fucking dick. At LEAST text some lame excuse about how you’ve got acute food poisoning or some shit so your date doesn’t have to go through the trouble of getting ready and sitting at a bar by herself waiting for your lame ass. Selfish ass prick. Sorry, I’m a little riled up. This kind of crap is just unforgivable. Luckily the bartender was cute.

    • Seriously, right? Any lame excuse backing out is better than nothing. Or just be a fucking adult and say “I don’t want to meet you anymore”. Your rejection is not going to break me. Standing me up is just going to piss me off.

      Thank god for cute and friendly bartenders!

  4. Ginger Louise

    Boo!!!! That’s just ridiculous. Who does that?!?! I’m sure the cheese was far better than his company would’ve been.

  5. So, what, he just forgot? That’s nice. What a prick! Good riddance. You should be glad he didn’t show so you wouldn’t have had to waste your time on an obvious douche. That had to have felt rotten, though. Sorry, chica. Dating is fun, no?

    • I have no idea what his excuse is. Don’t really care. If this had happened to me 10 years ago, I would have felt like complete shit. But surprisingly (or not), I really have no reaction towards it. I think it helped that I put bare minimum in my appearance, I went to a bar around the block from me, and I wound up enjoying myself for a couple hours anyway – with or without him. If I had put more of an effort into the night, I might be more pissed.

      Oh, dating is a fuckin’ blast. So glad to be back in the game. {KILL ME NOW!} But, thanks so much for the support!!!!!

  6. Oh, that sucks! What a jackass.

  7. Dick Balzac

    Sheesh Ive been flaking on girls like this sporadically since the start of the year. But know you tell me it doesn’t faze you? Interesting, seems I have to up my efforts in the asshole department.

    • Didn’t faze me in the least. I’ve been dating for over 20 years, I’ve pretty much seen it all before (though this was the first time being stood up). It was his loss, he might have gotten laid had he shown up.

  8. Wow…jerk!

    I’m glad your bestie came out for support and cheese!

  9. Geez…wonder what happened.

  10. People are really inconsiderate sometimes huh?

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