gearing up for my own kind of marathon on saturday

Because I’m a sadist and really want to be bald from pulling my hair out (which would really be a shame*) or go totally cuckoo crazy-cakes, I double booked myself for Saturday.  Afternoon coffee date.  Nighttime drink date.

Coffee date is, of course, with the nice guy (who has done and said everything right so far).

Drink date is, of course, with the hot guy (who has done and said everything that indicates he probably only wants to get into my pants).

I’ll let you know how both went, if I haven’t checked myself into Bellevue first thing Sunday morning.

Best case scenario: I had a really enjoyable chat/time with nice guy and had a really enjoyable night (and morning?) with hot guy.  (Sorry, Second Mom…pretend you didn’t read that!)

Wagers on who I’m going to like best????

*I’m going tonight to get my hair cut.  I’m keeping it long and only getting a trim.  No major lop-off this time around.  If I wind up pulling it out, I’ll have wasted much time and money.  <sigh>





  1. Second Mom

    I literally just L’d MAO. Don’t ever feel that way.
    Good luck on both love!

  2. Look at you multi-tasking! Good girl! Have fun on both dates!

    • I think it’s more trying to send myself to the loony bin as quickly as I can! I’ll be trying to channel your multi-tasking wonder skills.

  3. Good luck! Have fun and remember to “pace yourself!”

    • Haha! Thanks, I’ll remember to not go out of the gates too fast. I’ll aim for a negative split!

  4. singlewhitefemaledating

    Oooooooo can’t wait to hear the juicy details, you are going to be exhausted from that marathon! Don’t know what the Bellevue is? Lol 😀

    • Thanks! Bellevue is a hospital here in NYC famous for its psychiatric ward.

      • singlewhitefemaledating

        Ohhhh dear (it did occur to me that was the case)… Hope the dating is going well 😀

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