(almost) mid-week randoms

  • Last Saturday, I ran the 5th Avenue Mile.  I did not do as well as I wanted to, but I at least did better than last year’s effort.  So, I guess it was a success.  I am noticing that my hammy’s are being little bitches these past couple weeks and I really need to stretch them out and use the rumble roller on them.  Jeezus, I hate getting old.
  • I finally heard from Eharm #2.  He apologized for not getting back to me sooner, as some things are going on at work.  We emailed back and forth and are supposed to meet up next Saturday afternoon for coffee.  You know how I love me some sober 1st dates.  <Sigh>
  • Speaking of 1st dates, last night I celebrated a friend’s birthday, which has nothing to do with first dates, but I’ll get to it.  I had some time before dinner, so I decided that I’d walk a little and make some stops to get her gift and card.  Well, I got out of the subway right by Bryant Park, site of the 1st (sober coffee) date with Asshat.  Then on my way to the restaurant passed the place where we had our 2nd date.  I thought it amusing that the restaurant closed.  How fitting.  I also passed by another restaurant that we’d had brunch at.  But in all honesty, there’s not many places that I can pass or go to that we hadn’t been to.  We ate out and drank a lot in the time we were together.  Then if life wasn’t done with me at all, dinner was at the restaurant that we had date #3 (last night’s restaurant choice was a backup, last minute decision made by another friend who had no idea of my connection with the place).  Yeah.  It was like a little tour o’Asshat dates.  But you know what?  I had absolutely no real emotional reaction to any of it.  It was more like “oh, yeah, we ate here.  We drank there”.  Even sitting at the bar at the 3rd date place, I felt nothing, though I sat at the opposite end of the bar from where we sat two years ago.  I ordered my glass of wine and was perfectly fine.  In fact, I ceased thinking about him until much later when another friend was trying to remember the last time she had been there.
  • If you’re wondering about Eharm #3, the “let’s make dinner” guy, I suppose it might be ‘my turn’ to reply to his last text and I just haven’t yet.  I may in a day or two.
  • No other guys of interest on Eharm lately.  I think they ran out of decent matches for me.
  • I saw on Facebook that a distant, younger cousin just got engaged.  Add that to all the other FB posts about new marriages, pregnancies, births, etc.  If you need to find me, I’ll be in my kitchen with my head in the gas oven and taking deep breaths.
  • A girl who just turned 23 was talking to my cube mate and I listened to the conversation.  She was talking about how when people ask her when she graduated, she replies “2007”, being purposely vague about the fact that she graduated high school in 2007, so as to appear to be ‘older’.  Forehead, meet desk.  Over and over and over again.
  • Fall is in the air and I am so happy that I can use my comforter at night again!
  • Last week, I took these pics of the wrap around advertising in a subway car.  Pretty cool.  It was, like, totally like being in a library!  Totes and fer rill.  (Doesn’t it look like that guy right below might be taking a picture, too?  See, I’m not the only whacko taking pics in an empty subway car.)



  1. That subway wrap is super rad. I love that! Is that a new thing they are doing? I’m wondering how discordant that will be with some of the riders that are slumping against those books. 😉

    • I’ve seen it done a few times over the years, but only on this subway line. This one just shuttles back and forth between Grand Central Terminal and Times Square. I guess because it’s easy to do with only three trains on this line. The outside of the train had the wrap as well. I should have taken a pic of that, too.

      This particular train was Ask.com. The train I rode a bit earlier from Times Sq to GCT was for 666 Park (new ABC show) and was designed to look like the inside of some fancy Park Avenue home library/office (dark wood paneling, paintings of the family/cast of show, fake windows, fake wood ceiling). It was also pretty cool, but the train was packed with people so I didn’t want to take a picture.

  2. That subway car looks pretty cool. And I’m glad you’re going on a coffee date. A couple of the dating blogs I read talk about never going on coffee dates. While I understand their reasoning, I’m glad someone goes on coffee dates because they almost always yield interesting stories.

  3. “I saw on Facebook that a distant, younger cousin just got engaged. Add that to all the other FB posts about new marriages, pregnancies, births, etc. If you need to find me, I’ll be in my kitchen with my head in the gas oven and taking deep breaths.”—Ditto.

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