is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Here’s the update:

E-Harm #1: Replied to his email saying “I’m sorry that you got the impression I wasn’t interested.  Wasn’t the intention.  I, too, wish you luck on here and in life.”  And then immediately closed the connection after I hit ‘send’.

E-Harm #2: He emailed Tuesday asking to meet up one day after work and suggested this Thursday (which is now tomorrow) or Monday or Wednesday of next week, as he’ll be back in Baltimore all weekend.  I replied last night saying that Thursday works (left out the part about my previous date/plans getting cancelled).  Still, as of 11:00PM Wednesday night, haven’t heard back from him.  So odd, since he was so quick with the responses before.

E-Harm #3: The cute guy asking for my phone number…ah yes.  So, he texted me today while I was at work.  Oh Red Flag, there you are.  I responded.  Then he asks if I’m feeling spontaneous these days.  (Uh, okay, I’ll bite.)  Yes, I am generally a spontaneous person.  He asks “so, when are we going to make dinner together then?”  I had no idea how to read this.  Did he mean like literally cook dinner together at one of our homes???  We haven’t met, haven’t even talked on the phone yet!  Or did he figuratively mean “make dinner”?  I don’t know what the kids are calling sex these days, so I instant message a slightly younger friend and ask her opinion.  She doesn’t know and I just respond to him “well, I think we should probably meet first before we make dinner together”, as a way to cover either base.  He LOLs.  I still message with my friend and tell her that I’m not opposed to “making dinner” – either literally or figuratively (hell, it’s been a long time since I’ve, you know, and he is quite attractive…) – but he should at least buy me a drink first!  After a bit more back and forth texts, we agree that we’ll meet for a drink first.  Day and time have not been set yet.  Whether or not we’ll eventually make dinner together…Who knows?

Christ, I’m not ready for this bullhonky.



  1. I cannot believe that “make dinner” is some freaky euphemism. I simply can’t believe it because it means I’m out of the loop and married and no longer of use to my single friends for dissecting the weird crap their dates say. Say it ain’t so!
    Okay, now that I’m done being dramatic, I think you should just ask him if he means that literally or figuratively. So confusing…

    • I think he meant what Matt said…actually cooking dinner in a private and convenient setting that could more likely lead to sex. I do think that it’s funny that it could be a euphemism. In fact, I’m gonna start using it!

      • I am too. I’m going to be one of those people who make an inside joke to people who aren’t in on the joke. And then I’ll laugh uproariously while they just look at me in confusion.

  2. I wouldn’t exactly say that “make dinner” is a euphemism – I think that he means it literally, but that at the same time it is in fact a plan to make sex on the first date more likely. He may be mainly after sex, and may disappear after that, but if you’re cool with that possibility and you want to take him up on it then there’s no harm in going for it!

    • I have no delusions that he is looking for more than sex. Whether or not he’ll get it from me…well, that depends on how he acts and what he says while meeting for a drink. I actually want to call him out on it when/if we meet. His response will dictate what route I go. I’d be more likely to sleep with him if he were to own up to the fact that is all he wants. If he tries to bullshit me, date is over. I do not in any way see him as “long term” or “serious” potential.

  3. Hmm, making dinner. Probably sex.

    #2 is from Bmore, eh?

  4. So funny. “Making dinner” sounds like it’s more complicated than it used to be!

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