what’s this, a dating blog or something?

Finally, I can write about dating (kinda) again…

So, I made it through all the freakin’ steps with guy #1 on e-harmony.  We spoke on the phone Sunday night for about 30 mins.  The conversation was okay.  Wasn’t great, wasn’t horrible.  After 25 mins of talking about jobs, music, travel, I was kinda done.  Not bored talking to him, but just started to feel weird talking for too long on the phone with someone I don’t know at all.  Plus, I’m not really a fan of talking on the phone.  I’d much rather talk face to face, especially in the early stages when trying to develop a rapport and connection with the person.  At a lull in the conversation, I said that I’d let him go and get on with his night.  I actually had some stuff to do (my online class stuff) so I kinda wanted to get off the phone, too.

So, anyways, this morning I get an email from him saying that he doesn’t think that I’m interested in him and he isn’t sure what I am looking for and that he wishes me luck.  Umm, OK, WTF?  We were supposed to meet for drinks this coming Thursday.  I haven’t replied to him yet, but I think letting this one go is the wise choice here.  As I wasn’t too thrilled about him anyway, I don’t really feel at a loss (he came across as a little too meat-heady-wanna-be-rockstar for me online, then talking to him confirmed that).

Elsewhere, on e-harm, I got to the messaging part with guy #2.  He seems more down-to-earth.  He works in academia and moved up here recently from Baltimore.  From his pictures, he’s not bad-looking and looks like one of those nice guys, someone I might not have looked at during previous online dating endeavors or not really paid attention to at a bar (I know, I’m a shallow bitch).  Seems like a really nice guy, too, from his messages.  A huge plus that he uses proper grammar and punctuation.  Couldn’t say the same for #1.  At.  All.

I sent questions to one guy (#3) and he emailed me (skipping the steps) and asked if I wanted to chat on the phone.  I said okay and gave him my number.  Not sure that was wise, but eh, whatever.  He was really cute, so I gave him a pass with this.  Hopefully, it’s not just for a quick hookup or phone sex or anything like that.

I’ll keep you guys posted as things go down.



  1. I think you’re right to let Guy #1 go. I think that was a strange email for him to send. In my book it’s not a good sign that he seemed to be avoiding taking ownership of the decision to call off the date. He wants to stop because you don’t seem interested? Some people might latch onto that and ask him “why?” and try to talk him round, but I’m glad you haven’t gone down that road.

    Funny to read about Guy #2 and Guy #3. I like the honesty of your appraisals! I think Guy #2 sounds a bit like me at age 21. Being Guy #2 at age 21 got me nowhere in the dating world – it would have been nice to show my past self this post from the future and say “things get better as you get older!” But I don’t blame you for making extra allowances for Guy #3 too – hell, most of us still bend the rules for a good-looking person, so why fight it!

    • I suppose #1 took my ending our phone call as I was just done talking to him. I wasn’t, but now after that message, I kinda am. I will reply later tonight (when I usually check my E-harm stuff) and let him know that I’m sorry that he got the wrong impression, but it’s probably best we don’t meet and wish him luck, too.

      Guy #2 is totally someone I would have looked over in the past, but he’s been reeling me in with his messages. He asks tons of questions. He seems interested in what I have to say…and this has only been over email so far.

      Guy #3, I’ll find out more about when we chat, I guess. Unless he looks completely different from his pictures, he passed my litmus test – I can totally picture myself kissing him 😉

  2. WTF is right. You don’t want to get involved with that kind of drama.

    • Seriously, right? I like how he doesn’t know what I’m looking for…I’ll give a straight answer right here. I am looking for someone NORMAL!

      • LOL My husband went out with a girl once for dinner, that didn’t eat.

        • Never understood that – the whole not eating on dates thing. I mean, eventually, you’re going to have to eat in front of the person. Unless you have an eating disorder. I don’t give a rat’s ass about eating in front of guys. And I’ll eat fattening, fried crap without second thought.

  3. singlewhitefemaledating

    #1 – sounded insecure; #2 – spelling and grammar WOW (I would have just settled for spelling at this stage). #3 – don’t rush in. 😀 GOOD LUCK

  4. You should totally kiss guy #3 then tell me all about it. 🙂

    • Oh, I will for sure! He just has to call me first…

      • Have fun, on behalf of those of us who are living vicariously through you 😉

  5. 30min on the phone without meeting you? Sounds weak-sauce to me. I’m very economic on the phone. Who, What, Where,When. That’s all you need.

  6. LOVE reading about your dating adventures 🙂 It’s been a while for me, I gotta catch up!

  7. It seem guy #2 was fit on you.Looking for a guy through online is really hard because most of the time they are only looking for what they want.In Finland there is some online dating stuff that surely you can see in the day that you chat them and you can also choose a right guy for you which is really cool and just like you said you are more talkative in personal which is very fit in per hook up.

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