mid-week randoms

  • Next Monday, I start a free online history class with a Princeton professor.  Woo hoo Ivy league!  If you haven’t checked out Coursera, I really encourage you to.  They offer a range of online courses for you to take for free (except for books).  You don’t get credit or certifications for all of the classes, but you’ll receive the same caliber instruction and coursework as actually attending the school.  I received my textbook rental for my class the other day.  I was surprised that my ‘rental’ is a brand new book.  No skeezy used books like the ones I used to buy in college (yeah, I was that cheap).  I am actually super excited for the class to start.  I can’t believe it’s here already.  It seemed so far away when I signed up for it back in May.  It’ll be two one-hour videos to watch a week.  We’ll have to write essays every 2 weeks and then peer review other essays.  It’s a 12 week course that demands 4-7 hours a week, so I should learn a decent amount of world history.  I signed up for a bio class for next year.
  • It’s finally fall-like weather, here in NYC.  The humidity has dissipated.  The air is cool in the overnight and morning hours.  I can turn my damn A/C off and open windows!  I don’t arrive at work dripping in sweat.  I’ve gone back to hot coffee in the morning.  It’s such a lovely thing.
  • I finally figured out how to use the scanner on my printer.  I want to scan some of the fun upfront pics from years ago.  I’ll blur/black out the faces of my co-workers and friends, but I’ll keep me intact.  It’ll be me coming out of that anonymity cloak again.  And I’ll keep the pics up.  They are pretty old so am not as worried about being recognized, not that I look that much different, but whatever.  They are fun pictures.
  • Tomorrow night is a bon voyage dinner for my friend who is moving to Hong Kong for 6-8 months.  She doesn’t actually leave for another two weeks, but her schedule is extremely hectic, as you can expect.  I know the time will fly by and in no time, she’ll be back, but damn, I’m gonna miss her!
  • There’s one guy that I made it all the way through all the effing guided steps on eHarmony.  He wrote me something this morning, but after his previous message, I’m not at all enthused about reading it.  His message contained multiple sentences that were all separated by commas.  Not periods or question marks, commas.  It made my head hurt reading it.  Otherwise, I’ve found that none of the guys I’ve sent questions to have responded.  And the ones that sent me questions and I answered and sent questions back, also have not responded.  I’m just annoyed and frustrated and hating myself for signing up for 6 months of this bullshit.  I really need to resign to my life of singledom and embrace it.  Get drunk every night because I can.  Spend every dime, cause I don’t have to worry about saving for kids’ college funds.  Eat everything in sight, cause no need to care about gaining too much and not attracting the opposite sex.  Oh wait, while I was just on that little bitch session, I got an email letting me know that someone answered my questions.
  • Random cell phone conversation snippet heard last night: “…the very sensitive head of my penis…”  I didn’t hear any of the rest of it as we were walking past one another.  I did almost turn around and follow him though, because I was kinda curious to know exactly what he was talking about.
  • I want chocolate.  I have chocolate at home (I actually have stashes of chocolate at home for my not very often cravings).  Just a few more hours and I’ll be home to eat it.


  1. Please do an update post during or after this history class. I’ve been reading about these new free class offerings and wondering how they are, so I’d love to hear a firsthand experience.

  2. Thanks for posting about Coursera. I like taking classes and learning, but I hate paying for stuff that I don’t plan on getting a degree in. Let me know how it goes!

  3. Coursera sounds pretty rad. Just wish I had any extra hours per week to do something like that. Mabye once my OWN kids are in college. :-/

    Oh, and as to the rest . . . bitching about random stuff, craving chocolate. Yeah, I’m just gonna leave that alone. 😉

  4. I am laughing at the random conversation. I have very good hearing and hear the most odd parts of conversation. I love to make a great big face at them so they know I heard it too. Then I start a wicked giggle. Yes, I take pleasure in screwing with people…at least I do it nicely. 😉

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