fashion’s night out 2012

Being the fashionista that I am…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  Sorry, I just fell outta my seat laughing…I had to take part in Fashion’s Night Out.

OK, here’s the real story.  I didn’t even know it was going on until a coworker mentioned it.  I looked up some events.  I could stalk Matchbox 20 (and act on my 15 year old crush on Rob Thomas.  Granted I haven’t seen what he looks like in years, but he’s still gotta be hot, right?) at Bloomies.  Or I could head down to Herald Square and stalk Bethenny at Macy’s.  But ooh, I read that Victoria Beckham is going to be at Bergdorf Goodmans.  Dammit, so many people that need stalking!

After some deliberation, okay 2 minutes, I just decided to walk home via 5th Ave and Madison Ave.  I figured that I’d pass stores and if they looked cool, I’d pop in.  I was also hoping for some great photo ops…and boy, did the public not disappoint!

[I’ll be straight with you, I was not at all dressed appropriately.  I had on jeans and a 15 year old top, probably bought around the same time I was in the throes of puppy love with the aforementioned Rob Thomas.  Next year, I am going out right.  Putting on the uber-cute dress and actually fitting in, instead of sticking out like the poorly dressed schlub that I was.  I won’t at all be surprised if I am the feature example of “what NOT to wear on Fashion’s Night Out” on other blogs, etc.]

I’m gonna share with you my journey, complete with pictures (photo bombs or photo delights), commentary and supporting stories.

Amy’s Fashion Night Out…

Walked down 54th Street past Manolo Blahnik, where Cyndi Lauper was going to perform.  Kept going because it wasn’t even 6PM yet and Ms. Lauper wasn’t going to perform until 8:30 or so.  Got to 5th Avenue.  Walking up 5th was pure craziness.  Tons of people.  I look ahead and saw a girl in pajamas.  I had to start running and weave in and out of people to catch up to her.

Photo Bomb #1: Oh, wow, those aren’t actually pajamas.  It’s a floral romper.

I am heading a bit further up 5th on my way toward Bergdorfs.  I see a girl in a white dress that is pretty see through (and not mean to be) and you can totally see her navy blue bra and undies underneath.  Again, it’s a job to catch up with her and I can’t get a good pic of her as too many people are in between us.  I see her head into Bergdorfs.  Now I wasn’t really planning on going in, but figured What the Hell?

Photo Bomb #2: This pic sucks ass, cause it’s blurry and once we were inside, the dress wasn’t as see through.  Oh wells.

I’m completely overwhelmed by the crowd in Bergdorfs, so I make like a lemming and follow the crowd downstairs to the beauty section.  I’m instantly assaulted by the noxious smell of 1,000 perfumes.  I’m trying to make my way through the crowd to find out where to get those cute mini bottles of champagne that everyone is drinking.  There’s a ton of people crowding this one counter and peek through to see Aerin Lauder.

Photo Delight #1: Aerin Lauder at the Estee Lauder counter at Bergdorf Goodmans

Searching, walking, searching, SCORE!

Photo Delight #2: First taste of champers of the evening.

Photo Delight #3: The fabulous DJ at Bergdorfs

I walked around Bergdorfs for a bit while I drank the champers.  I saw so many damn cute and gorgeous things.  I tweeted some of them, but of course, had an issue with twitter last night as I’m sure it was overloaded with activity from #DNC, #MTVvmas, and #FNOnyc.  I’ll put together another post of some of the things I was coveting.  I left BG and headed toward Madison. But not before catching a few more bombs.

Photo Bomb #3: Tacky exposed bra in backless dress.  It really was the wrong kind of bra to expose.  With the right bra, this look can work.

Photo Bomb #4: This just looks both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.  Stretchy and comfy, but holy hell, way too tight and uncomfy.  She also has very visible panty lines.  Oh no no no.

Photo Bomb #5: The boots with that dress.  The pig tails.  (sorry it’s blurry)

After walking up Madison a bit, I came to Theory.  Not too many people, more bubby…

Photo Delight #4: Cheers!  Beverage numero dos.

Photo Delight #5: Donna Karan at her Madison Ave store.

Photo Delight #6: More DK…looking uh-may-zing!

Photo Bomb #6: The bobsy-twins mom & daughter all color coordinated with one another (except, ahem, for mom’s red Tom’s – what was she thinking????).  Oh, and of course, carrying their Bendel bags.

I drank and coveted and ate one delish macaron at Chloe.  Chloe actually had Veuve Cliquot and were very generous with their pour.  Mmmm.  I chatted for a bit with a woman who was pretty much doing what I was.  Walking around and drinking for free and not buying anything.  She was a fellow blogger, so we felt a bit of camaraderie, especially as the sales associates were totally onto our game, but too polite to boot our freeloading asses out on the street.

I left Chloe and almost went into Tom Ford, but it was an absolute mad house.  So continued on my merry way north.  Landed at Missoni.  Made friends with a woman at the bar who hooked me up with a tasty blood orange champers cocktail.  It was here that I spied the man who will steal my heart.  Back off, ladies, he’s mine!!

Photo Bomb AND Delight #7 (is it not fate that the numbers lined up so perfectly?  Kismet, people!):  Oh, how I want to caress that ‘stache.  When I texted Bestie this picture, she asked if it was real.  Yes, dear friends, it’s real.

Photo Bomb AND Delight #7: The side view.  So lush!  And it twirls up on the sides, making him look a little like a silent movie train robber, but that’s just charming, right?  Right?

Photo Delight #8: Margherita Missoni.  Stunning.

Photo Bomb #8: You can’t really tell how bad this outfit is in this pic, but it was the same pattern on the top and the bottom.  Again, reminded me of pajamas.

After I left Missoni, kinda drunk, needing to pee, and really hungry, I made my way home.  About 10 minutes after I got home and before I was able to order some sushi delivery, a friend called and asked I wanted to meet her for a drink.  Drunk Amy says “sure, as long as I can get food.”  So, we met at the steakhouse on my corner.  I inhaled half a burger and fries, drank another glass of bubbly, cause you know, why not?  And when presented with the question “would you like dessert or after dinner drink?” what would Smart Amy say?  Smart Amy would decline and haul her drunk ass home.  Drunk and Dumb Amy says “sure, I’ll have one more!”

Last photo of the night…

Photo Delight #9: My friend’s Makers Manhattan on the left.  My Macallan 12 on the right.  Cheers!

Friday morning I was surprisingly coherent and ‘normal’ considering my excessive drinking.



  1. This post is hilarious. Any event that combines shopping with champagne is right up my alley. Maybe that’s why I loved wedding dress shopping…

  2. Oh my, what an interesting night. Seems like one of the perks of living in NYC. Happening upon these events and being able to partake of the fabulousness. AND drink for free!!! Bonus.

    Those fashion don’ts are sweet. But how did you get such a close pic of that stache without detection? Or did he model?

    • To get the close up, I just zoomed in. He kept moving around the store and I had to follow him. I’m sure he noticed the crazy person following him around and gaping at him. I kinda wished I had said something to him and just asked if I could take a picture of me twirling it between my fingers, but I wasn’t THAT drunk 🙂

  3. You do know Matchbox 20 just dropped a new album in the last few weeks right? Go ahead and keep that crush alive!

    • Yeah, that’s why they were there, to help promote it. I saw a pic of them and RT is still looking good. But he’s still married and not worth all the stalking effort if I can’t play…

  4. These examples make me feel stellar about my outfit choices when I was in NYC last December!

  5. This was great, but the best part was the photo bomb/delight #7. So lush! Made me lol 🙂

    • Don’t you want to just touch it? I’m kicking myself now for not approaching him and putting the moves on him 😉

  6. I think if I saw those girls with their bras hanging out I would have risked a black eye to inform them how badly put together it made them look (I mean, I would have said it nice and all!).

    • Well, as long as you say it nicely…

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