photo bombs

This post brought to you in honor of kicking off NY Fashion Week.

I’m going to channel Misty from Misty’s Laws.  I met Misty during BlogHer ’12 through sheer luck, as she was bloggy friends with Thoughtsy.

After a few moments it was discovered that Misty and I share a love of taking pictures with our iPhones.  But not just any pictures.  Pictures of what are more commonly known as “Glamour Don’ts”.  Misty does Weekly Whacked posts that showcase her covert and ninja-like skills and her commentary is a million times better than that rag mag.  Her ability to capture the best of the worst of people’s fashion (non)sense has earned her the very esteemed nickname of “Ninja Snap”.  With camera phone in hand, I strive to be Misty in my every day 🙂

Here are some pics that I’ve culled from my iPhone, taken over the past few years.  A few “photo bombs” of a different nature:

Photo Bomb #1

I wish, I wish I had been able to get the front view of them.  It was ten times more frightening than the back view.  His hair.  Her makeup.  Those clothes.  These were their Sunday morning (9am-ish) outfits for a nice leisurely stroll in Central Park.  I mean, what do you wear?

Photo Bomb #2

This dude was walking around New York City with no shoes on!  They were in his hand.  I caught him right by my work outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater (home of David Letterman).  My body goes into a full on dry heave at the thought of how nasty the bottom of his feet are.

Photo Bomb #3

This colorful gal was strolling through Central Park.  I will give her a shout-out for being color coordinated…but not for much else.  Oh, sweetie, tie dye?

Photo Bomb #4

This might not be such a bad outfit…it he wasn’t going to run in it.  I was heading to a race and see other runners en route all the time.  Me thinks that he was not coming from home after a Friday night out?  Or maybe he’s just kinda weird and like running in jeans?  I don’t know, but that seems like a situation in which a lot of chafing could occur.

Photo Bomb #5

Oh, saving the best for last.  These are two older men festively dressed up to watch Holiday Jazz at Lincoln Center.  They are both in fact wearing dresses.  I couldn’t get a good picture when they stood up, but it was all big bellies and ruffles and crinoline and wonderous awfulness.  I couldn’t believe our luck when we were seated in the loge box next to them.

Hope you enjoyed some of my pictures.  So far, I haven’t been beaten up by anyone who’s caught me taking their picture.  Lord knows, I probably have ended up in a post just like this, so I don’t feel too bad about this…who am I kidding?  I don’t feel bad at all!

Happy Thursday!



  1. These are awesome! And…I wish I would have been quicker with my iPhone at the mall a few weeks ago. There was a woman walking with her boyfriend…wearing what I assume to be shorts? But really…they covered about as much of her (if not less) as underwear would. She wasn’t heavy or anything, but I’d say half her butt cheeks were hanging OUT of the “shorts.” And EVERYone was looking at her. So. Weird!

  2. wherethedaytakesme

    Oh the things you see!

  3. You done did good with these. You make me proud. And I am totally skeeved by the barefoot guy. Yikes!

  4. Great pics!

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