(almost) mid-week randoms!

  • I have finally entered the 21st century and bought a new all-in-one printer.  Took me long enough.  So, now I have the capabilities to scan pictures.  Thus will begin the long process of digitally cataloging thousands of pics so I have them all on a hard drive (because in reality, if there were a fire, would I really be able to grab all 15 or so photo albums I have?  That would be a hell no).  This should only take me about 5 years or forever.
  • If you aren’t following me on Twitter, what are you waiting for???  Just kidding.  But anyways, over the weekend I tweeted about coming home and passing 6 hot firemen coming out of my building.  I was in such shock of seeing these beautiful men coming out (they weren’t in their fire fighting gear, so I wasn’t worried), that I all I could manage to mumble out was “excuse me” as I passed them.  If I had been on my game, then perhaps I might have stopped them to ask them why they were there, invite them up for lemonade, a fire safety lesson, to pose for my own personal hot fireman calendar, etc.  But no, I’m retarded.
  • One morning over the weekend when I was running the Jackie O. reservoir, I noticed that so many women were wearing the color lavender or purple.  Including me.  Thank god I got the memo.  How embarrassed I would have been had I worn orange instead.  Next Saturday, ladies, let’s go green!
  • I’m gonna let you get a little judgy of me.  I totally listen to bubble-gummy pop songs when I run.  What can I say?  They make me happy and I need all the help I can get to be happy when I run.  Running playlist includes Carly Rae Jepson, Katy Perry, David Guetta, Britney Spears, Taio Cruz (with Ludacris).  Go ahead, judge!
  • It was the first Sunday night without Breaking Bad.  Love this show.  If there was one good thing that came out of my relationship with the Colossal Douche Bag, it was that he introduced me to this show.
  • Speaking of the CDB, our alma maters played against each other this weekend.  Unfortunately, his team won.  Fuck.  We wanted this win to commemorate our movement toward a new era (never forgetting, but healing and moving on).  Fortunately, he’s still a CDB in my eyes and that’s a major win for me. #TotallyJustifiedFeelingOfSelfRighteousness
  • I had this really vivid dream and woke up before I got to the really good stuff…I hate it when that happens.  No, it was NOT a sex dream.  But one where I found out a little something about a certain something involving a certain someone.  Too cryptic?  Too bad, I’m keeping it to myself  🙂  Unless you ask nicely, of course.
  • Heard on the news that one local middle school is so crowded that they are now scheduling “brunch” hour for some students, to eliminate cafeteria overcrowding during the typical lunch hours.  What the hell?  If I were a parent and my kid had to take lunch at 9:45AM, I’d be so pissed!  Come on, there has to be a better alternative to making kids eat their lunch at that time.  For fuck’s sake, that’s just unacceptable.
  • I just realized that I have to give a powerpoint presentation twice in the next week.  The first will be to a smaller group, the other to a much larger group (last presentation I was part of had at least 100 agency folk there, including upper management).  I hate giving presentations in front of big groups.  I get nervous.  But I’ve at least gotten past saying “umm” every third word, unlike one of my co-presenters.  I’m actually thinking that I can get away with passing off most of the talking duties to the other two presenters.  I’ll just stand up there, smile lots and look pretty 🙂  Channel my inner Vanna White.
  • Cali, my cat, now has the habit of putting her paws on my face.  If I cradle her like a baby, one paw goes directly on my face.  If she’s sitting on the back of the sofa behind me, she puts a paw on my cheek (it used to just be on my shoulder).  It’s now that her paws are always on my face that I realize that she suffers from frito-paws.  Not all the time and not that bad, but yeah, a little bit.

That’s it for today!  Hope you all had an enjoyable long holiday weekend!



  1. OMG! I seriously just posted on FB about listening to catchy, poppy, teeny bopper music during my runs! I love it! If it’s catchy & has a good beat, chances are I’ve got it on my iPod. Love it! No judging here…I fully support you!

  2. I’m even willing to admit I’ve had Disney/Nickelodeon artists on my iPod when running. You get the energy from wherever you can get it.

  3. Reading this has me cracking up because you’re totally a combo of the husband and me. Half my workout playlist has pop songs. He is dying with Breaking Bad. Our cats are very paw-on-face. Great post, at least the narcissist in me thinks so.

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