gonna be that kinda day, huh?

“Would you like some coffee with that cream?”
I tried adding just a touch of half & half to my iced coffee and it proceeded to POUR out into my cup.
I introduce to you my morning cup of melted coffee ice cream, cause that’s what it tastes like:

And probably has just as many calories. GRR

On another shitty note, today is Asshat’s 41st birthday. By his behavior, you’d think he’s not a day over 19. I hope his bday dinner tonight with his wife is lovelier than ours last year. He couldn’t just allow us to have a nice dinner out. Nope, he had to bring up topics during dinner which made me fucking cry during our fucking meal while in the middle of the fucking restaurant. FUCK. Well anyways, I hope he is getting great use of the Garmin running watch I got him last year. I hope it’s serving him well during his marathon training. I hope every time he uses it (and his iPod that I got him) on these runs, he remembers what an assface he is.

Happy Thursday! I actually had a more ‘uplifting’ post on deck for today. I’ll post it tomorrow. Today, I’m gonna continue to be angry (for you, Katie!).

Quick edit to add: This morning Eric Ripert retweeted my sunset pic, so the day actually started out pretty fab (I’ll ignore the fact that he was retweeting everyone’s sunrise/sunset pics).  And my commute was nice, as the subway was uncrowded and I snagged a seat. 


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  1. Just let it out, man. 😉

    Alanis has your back.

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