cali’s great muppet caper

To lighten up the mood of this bloggy blog, I present to you The Muppets featuring Cali Cat!

“Hey! Who’s the little green guy?!”

“I’ll get him!” [swat!]

“Excusez-moi? I’m the only diva in this house!”
“Mmm, me likey bacon!”


  1. maitchd

    I call my cat Tavy Cat! (his name is McTavish):

  2. Hahaha! Nice. Oh, and my dog is named Cali! Further proof of our twin-like qualities. 🙂

    • Woo hoo for pets named Cali!!

  3. I’m impressed that your cat sat still for the photo shoot. Usually, mine just give me disdainful looks and then dodge me.

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