horrible, just horrible

Holy sweet fuckin’ jeezus.  I have managed to remain completely ignorant to most things on TLC.  Then BuzzFeed had to lead me straight into the lion’s den with a post titled “Honey Boo Boo is Still Doing Pageants”.  I had no idea who the eff Honey Boo Boo was, but sure damn sounds like a stripper to me.  Then I clicked on the link and found pictures, horrible pictures of a horrible little child making horrible duck faces while wearing what might be the most horrible outfit (pageant or not) in the world, dancing the most horrible choreography I’ve ever seen in still shots.

And if those horrible pictures weren’t causing enough damage to my psyche, I had to google this horrible little girl.  I found a video clip that proved to me just how horrible she really is…so I really don’t feel guilty at all for saying she’s horrible.  She’s a horrible little girl whose horrible parents have groomed her into being horrible.

TLC is the most horrible network to give such a horrible family their own horrible TV show, promoting pure horribleness.  I hate TLC.




  1. LOL. Are you going through an angry phase?

    • Haha! I am coming across as very angry, aren’t I? I am just appalled by random things.

      I don’t think it’s an angry phase, more like an outpsoken phase.

      I’ll try to post something light and fluffy soon!

      • No angry rocks! Go with what you feel. 😉

        • OK, I guess angry on here is okay…angry in real life might land me in court 🙂

  2. You should’ve asked someone before the “Google.” Watching this has to be like watching Springer though…we watch enough other stuff on that network to see the previews for this and be able to avoid it, but this is a part of Pop Culture that everyone should know about. Welcome to the club.

    • Oh man. That’s the risk with Google.

      I’m not gonna say that I don’t watch crap TV, but I refuse to watch most of this kind of reality BS (including the Kardashians, anything on MTV/VH1). I’ve blogged before about my fascination with Hoarders (because I’m the anti-hoarder) and Bravo reality (none of the Real Housewives stuff, but love Bethenny’s show).

      To think that in another lifetime, I interviewed for jobs at Sally Jessy Raphael and Maury…in retrospect, I’m happy I didn’t get the jobs, cause I probably would have hung myself from the studio rafters listening to the train wreck guests day in and day out.

  3. Tell us how you really feel! LOL too funny. I too was appalled when I saw her for the first time — then I heard her speak….my jaw still hurts from the way it hit the floor. TLC never fails to remind us about humanity’s failures!

    • I might have fell over when she said something along the lines of “dollar make me holler honey boo boo”

  4. Yeah, I saw a clip of her on the Soup, and was just as appalled as you are. That entire family is horrible and the fact that they are encouraging that awfulness by putting them on TV? Just appalling.

    • It’s so awful what’s become of TV programming…and frustrating when you work in media and see the direction it keeps heading 😦

  5. What about Say Yes to the Dress and What Not To Wear?

  6. I can’t even stand the /commercials/ for that utter piece of …. Seriously. It is the /only/ commercial I can ever recall actually changing the channel to avoid suffering through.

    Heck, even TiVoed stuff I don’t usually fast forward through commercials (then again, I’m not usually “watching” TV more “listening while I do other things”)

    Something is seriously wrong with someone — I’m just not sure if its TLC, Discovery Communications, the parents, the “child” or some or all of the above.

    TLC used to be watchable.

    • I think the way our society fosters this kind of behavior and exploitation for entertainment’s sake is a big part of the problem. The whole ‘can’t pry eyes away from the accident’ curiosity, but also feeling better about yourself than the losers you see on TV.

      It’s also an economic factor in that it costs virtually nothing to produce this kind of crap and that’s the real reason it’s on every network.

      BUT in the case of this horrid child…I 100% blame the parents. They are pimping their daughter out for a buck and encouraging outrageous behavior for fame.

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