breathe in, breathe out

People are assholes, sometimes.  This is not breaking news.  People like this make me wanna get real punchy at times.


What you can’t see is the discman in his hand.  He deserves to be Internet shamed if he’s going around in public with one of those.

















  1. You’re such an angry New Yorker. Love it. 😉

    • LOL! I’m only angry at people who act like entitled assholes. While the subway was not crowded at the time, why did he feel like he could put his dirty shoes up on a seat?

      I forgot to mention in the post that before the subway incident, this assholey woman on the bus was sitting with her legs crossed and her foot was extended all the way out in the aisle. Did she even make any attempt to pull in her leg/foot closer to her when people were trying to get by?? Hell no. Instead of plowing into her foot and maybe possible breaking her ankle, I took the passive aggressive approach and make a big production of contorting my body as I passed to avoid contact with her foot. That had no effect, the bitch still didn’t move her foot an inch. That was what set me off in a bad mood this morning.

  2. singlewhitefemaledating

    Heehee…. love it, the jeans are pretty douchey too 😀

    • Oh, that ‘pattern’ was something else. When he eventually stood up and I got to see the whole thing…oy

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