mid-week randoms

– On Tuesday night, I went to dinner in Hoboken with a couple of friends that I’ve known for over 12 years. Delicious sushi and lots of laughs.
– Found a bar in ‘Boken that has a great happy hour. Half priced drinks + free edamame. I got a yummy dirty martini and my friend got a glass of wine and our bill was $8.50. No joke. You know where you can find me every Tuesday night.
– On Monday night, my mother confided in me about something from her past. I think my brain actually exploded – KABOOM!!! – when hearing it. After I hung up with her, I thought maybe I hallucinated that part of the conversation.
– A Wednesday work perk. Take a gander…

That’s a very delicious Coolhaus ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chip cookies and coffee Oreo ice cream!!! This isn’t a perk we get all the time. A vendor came in and treated us. This is why I will never be a skinny minnie.


  1. I’m gonna need one of those ice cream sandwiches.

  2. Sushi, cheap drinks and delicious ice cream sandwiches!! This post has it all. I want to be YOU this week. 😉

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