finding my inner geek

So, I previously bitched about how I am kinda in hate with my job.  Well, perhaps I should smack myself because I took today off last minute.  And I can because I don’t really have a boss.  I mean, I guess I technically have one, but he’s the COO of the agency branch that I am technically employed by and he is in Chicago.  So, I don’t have anyone breathing down my back and no one gives two shits about whether or not I’m in the office or not.

Anyhoo, I am home and trying to set up and sync the new MacBook (which I am currently using and loving), while trying to load all my backup data stored online onto my tiny netbook.  Umm, not sure how well that’ll go.  Seems you can’t just transfer music and photo files between a PC and a Mac.  Who knew?  Probably everyone (and any one who actually reads the terms and conditions and rules), but surely not me.  So, I am trying to circumvent the system by downloading to my netbook, then hopefully transfer to external HD, then to my Mac.  Will it work?  Beats the shit outta me, I’m computer illiterate.  It’s amazing I figured out how the whole interwebz and blog thing work.

As fate would have it, when I tried to turn on my old ‘broken’ laptop…the little bitch turned on, let me log on, and seemed to be working!  I had set it back to its factory settings, so I had lost everything, but still!  I did get the little HDD/SDD error message pop up, so that made me feel better than the error still exists and will probably cause issues no matter what.  But for a moment I was thinking that I just dropped a nice sum for a computer I didn’t need.  Cause that would just figure.  But, alas, I do need this and am happy with my new shiny toy 🙂

And now back to work figuring out this puppy.  At one point this morning, I had all three computers on and running – the MacBook, the old laptop and the netbook – I looked like a computer geek extraodinaire…except that I’m far from it.


  1. three words: EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE.
    Invest in a good one. One of those new ones that hold a terabyte of data and are USB 2.0/3.0 compatible. Trust me, you’ll never have to worry about going back and forth between PC and MAC again. And all your stuff will be permanently backed up. I haven’t had my music or pictures on a stationary hard drive in 8 years. Best thing ever.

    • You know I did have one, bought ages ago, but for some reason, it wouldn’t work with my last laptop. That’s why I did the online backup. BUT I did go out and buy an external hard drive today (purchase #1 at Best Buy). I’ve already backed up once today and will do so every week.

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