dumpy mcfrumperson


And I wonder why I don’t get dates when I go out!

This outfit was my ‘wear around the house’ ensemble for today. Not intended to be seen by the masses. The shorts are okay. It’s the super old, faded and shapeless Old Navy tank top that needs to be put to rest. And I won’t mention that I am not wearing any makeup and my greasy hair is pulled back in a loose bun.

What was supposed to be a quick 20 min trip to Best Buy turned into a tour of the East side as Best Buy didn’t have one of the things I was looking for. So, I went to the Apple store in my favorite sweat box, Grand Central. Then on my way up from GCT, decided that there are a couple more errands I should run. Twenty mins turned into two hours. Two hours of trotting around in public in dumpy clothes.


  1. maitchd

    Oh gosh, i probably do that more than im supposed to.

  2. For shame! I would never go out dressed like that. You know what is just as comfortable and waaaay more presentable? A tube top dress, ballet flats, and lip gloss. Trust me, I move much easier in a dress than I ever did in shorts. If you’ve ever struggled with a public restroom that made you cringe, you’ll see my point. And if you’re not a dress person, I clearly can’t help you anyway.
    But Old Navy sells plenty of casual simple tube top dresses that are perfect for I’m-not-doing-any-thing-today summer days.

    • I am totally a sundress girl and that’s what I usually wear when I go out. But today, I seriously thought I was only running a couple of blocks away and would be back in less than 20 mins. I usually look more put together than that ratty tank top. Even my running clothes are nicer.

      • Lol, I’m still saying for shame. People can still see you even if you’re outside for only 20 minutes.

  3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that outfit – sure, it’s more casual than glamorous, but I reckon some guys might think “hey, she’s still cute when she’s just dressed to dash to the store – I bet she’s even cuter when she’s glammed-up!” And I’m sure I’ve seen some theory about light blue being the most common favourite colour of guys for women to wear.

    • I agree with Matt here. That’s what I’d see.

  4. +1000 for Matt79. Any woman can look amazing whith hours of primping followd by hours of closet grazing, but when I was a single I was always more attracted to the “Hey, she’s still cute when she’s not trying (and I bet she’d knock my socks off glammed for a gala)”-style.

    Based on the picture and, assuming the part you left out–the most important part–isn’t ghastly (you don’t have 6 eyes or a unibrow, do you?) maybe your dating desert is guys having the “she’s out of my league” reaction?

    • Thank you, gentlemen! I don’t always dress to the nines, but try to avoid going out in clothes that I bum around in or sleep in (the tank top). I think the reason I was so self-conscious is because it was Friday and I was running around amid people who were dressed for work. Perhaps if I ran out today looking like that, I might fit in better 🙂

      Also, you know how they say women dress for other women? Maybe I should start dressing for men!

  5. I don’t think it’s really that bad. But that’s probably because I’ve gone for groceries wearing my workout clothes! I’m sure you felt like you looked frumpier than you actually did! 🙂

    • Thanks. It might not have been a bad outfit (and less embarrassing) to wear on the weekend, but during the week, I gotta step it up a bit (at least to not stand out as much).

      • Nah. It screams “Artistic” and/or “Independent” and/or “I’m gainfully employed and don’t give a damn what society thinks I should be wearing”. As long as there are no paint/blood splatters or holes.

        If there are holes, it may be time to find something new. Otherwise. Be comfortable. If you’re single one of the keys to getting attention is to STAND OUT.

        • Or it could scream out “I’m homeless and begging for spare change”, cause my outfit was only marginally better than some of the panhandlers I saw when I was out and about.

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