one last effort

No, not about what you probably think…I told you I’m not that crazy.


Last attempt to save the laptop. If this doesn’t work, then it’s a-Mac-shopping we goooooo.

While I’d love to have a new Mac Book, it’s the $$$ I’ll have trouble parting with. I mean, that’s a lot of wine, beer, and scotch that could be bought!



  1. maitchd

    Good luck!

    • Thanks, but sadly, it didn’t work 😦
      I remembered that I have a netbook that I can use until I get a Mac Book. I also have a work laptop I can take home. Now I’m wondering if I should wait until October, when the newest Mac Book is introduced…Not that I’d get the brand new model, but maybe the price will come down for the one I want. I really hate it when my computers die during the summer (this is the second that has done that!). The timing makes me want to wait. Last time it was a couple months before Windows 7 came out.

      • maitchd

        Odd that your computers would die in the summer like that. Over heating?? Very odd. Hope you can get a new one that will last for a while!

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