cheese good, wine better

What is not to love about a LivingSocial deal for a wine and cheese class at a discount, especially when it is given by Artisanal?
I was meeting a good friend and her husband and gay uncle. I LOVE her gay uncle. Beyond the fact that I love my gays, he’s pretty freakin hot, so spending a couple hours chatting with him is pure eye candy mixed with hilarity.
I arrived first at the location and there was a total doorman Nazi working the door to what looked like an apartment building. You had to be let in by this doorman Nazi and he was mean! Yelling at us that we had to stand next to wall and wait for someone to come down and get us. Well, finally 15 mins later, we were let up…into this delectable room filled with cheese and fondue and free-flowing cava. Hello, heaven!!!!
I ate cheese, delicious cheese. And told the girl who kept popping open the bottles of cava that that sound was the bestest sound on earth. She kept my glass full and I loved her.
My friends finally arrived and we chatted over cava for 15 mins. Then we were let into the classroom.

That is what awaited us. The class commenced and we began with tasting the wines. Yum. I’m not a big white wine fan and wasn’t a big fan of the second one, but let me tell you, after enough sips you begin to like it. The red and the port were divine. I’m a red wine girl. And a cheese girl. I was in heaven. Especially when I’m sitting between my friend and the hot uncle. Who cares if he’s gay, he’s still fun to flirt with!
All in all a good time. I’m sufficiently happy from vino.
Now I’m trying in vain to fix my laptop and it doesn’t seem to be working. Oh wells. But yay, I get to buy a new computer!!!!



  1. Sooo jealous of your wine & cheese moment. It sounds like it was such fun. I too wanted to toss my crappy laptop and get a Mac, but the moment passed. I am back being being a person who doesn’t “do” Apple products outside of an iPod. And if you had told me a year ago I’d be fine without a laptop in the house, I would’ve said you were stone cold crazy. You’d be surprised what computer access at work and strict budget will make you adjust to though.

  2. maitchd

    Sounds like a good time!

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