blogher conference lesson #1

Brand yourself.

So, I just created a Facebook page and linked up some like button on this page.  This is just going to be more work and dammit, I’m kinda lazy with social media.  I guess next up is creating a Twitter account for this blog.  That’s way beyond what I want to have to do on a daily basis, but I may have to and tweet Martha Stewart, cause she told us to (to help gain readership)!  ETA: tweet Martha with #checkoutmyblogMartha

If you have a Facebook blog page that you’d like me to like, let me know.  ETA: I’ve also created a Twitter acct for this blog (@babysittingmen), so let me know if you want me to follow you! 

For a blogger, this (social media) is becoming a little overwhelming for someone who simply wants to share her story 😉



  1. It was great to have breakfast with you on the first day! I suck at the social media stuff, too. Find me on twitter or facebook so we can keep connected!

    • Hi Rachael! Glad you found me! I will find you 🙂

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