well, that was fun (and for once, i’m not being sarcastic)

My first BlogHer conference was a success.  In the sense that:

  • I met some cool women.  I’ll link their blogs at the end of this post.
  • I attended some interesting break-out sessions and while I didn’t necessarily learn anything new, it was great to listen to what others have to say.
  • I shared many laughs with random bloggers while sitting down for the “main events”.
  • I got to use my 11th hour-made business cards (thanks, Staples).
  • Traded said business cards and stories with other bloggers during the Speed Dating exercise.
  • I ate so much yogurt, that it’ll stave off a yeast infection for years (seriously, I never saw so much yogurt in one place).
  • I got my first vibrator (yeah, my first…hey, I’ve been, ahem, lucky enough in the past to not need one…).
  • I finally got to meet the girl behind the Pop-Tart, Thoughtsy, and her friends, Misty, Jules, and JM (whom I’ve since stalked their blogs and are UH-MAY-ZING!  Seriously, check them out, you won’t be disappointed).
  • I made it through two whole days and one evening without making a complete ass out of myself…at least I think.

Now here are some reasons it could have been better:

  • I didn’t use a single one of my drink tickets.  “WHAT?!?!?” you ask?  I forgot that I had them.  Plus, I was constantly caffeinating myself with coffee and Diet Coke, plus drinking gallons of water, I had zero moments to seek out alcohol in between peeing breaks.
  • I skipped all the parties.  I was saddled down with bags (free loot & my own personal tote filled with stuff that I thought I would need and never used) and didn’t really want to carry them around all night at the parties.  But most of all, by the end of each day’s sessions, I was tired!  I just wanted to go home, eat dinner and collapse.
  • I could have been more ‘outgoing’ and struck up conversations with other bloggers to ‘network’ more, but there were literally thousands of people at this conference.  At times, I just needed to go off to the side and get away from everyone.

Now for some good stuff, the links:

Ms. Erica at www.Bookluvin.wordpress.com is “sparking convos on great reads”

Erica at www.laddventure.com is “living life with adventurous intention”

Chrystie at www.ilovetogossip.com is telling us about “deals so hot you’ll want to tell your friends”

Kristine at fcmom.blogspot.com is a Babywearer, Blogger, and Good Old-Fashioned Busybody in Fairfield County, CT, who’s “leaning a little crunchy”

Emma at minimalistamama.com is giving advice on “Only what you need for your baby. Really. (OK – and some fantastic things you don’t that are pretty cool.)”

Kathia at www.pinklittlecake.blogspot.com shares recipes and tips for all things baking and sugary deliciousness

Crystal at sophisticatedspender.com shares with us about “practicing good financial planning!”

Susana at blissfulcity.com shares how to “Enjoy the $h*t the city gives you!”

BlogHer 2013 is set to take place July 25-27 in Chicago.  Who wants to go?



  1. Chicago! I’m in!

    • Woo hoo! Maybe by being in a different city, I’ll actually get my drink on 🙂

  2. I’m guessing there MUST be one of these for dudes, but…why would dudes get together if there weren’t ladies around. 😉

    • I think they said about 10% of the attendees were men. Let me tell ya, if single blogger guys were smart they’d attend this.

  3. It was great to meet you!! And thanks so much for the Sushi restaurant recommendation. It was so delish! 🙂

    Oh, and I had a stack of drink tickets left. I think they only served booze at nigth at the parties and events, and I didn’t drink hardly enough. (I may have used 3 whole tickets the entire 3 days I was there!). Drats!!

    • Misty, glad you liked the restaurant. Such a pleasure meeting you and will be sure to forward any fashion don’t pics I manage to take!

      Ahh, the drink tix were for the parties…that makes sense. Though drinking during the sessions and key notes would make everything more lively and fun. Next time I’m bringing a flask!

  4. Thanks for linking up to my blog. I know I’m a little late on this, but it was great sitting with you and sharing some laughs and tears at the VOTY 🙂 I’ve been reading and enjoying your dating antics.

    • You’re so welcome, Erica! I had so much fun talking to you at BlogHer. I’m glad we got to meet and can now read each other’s blogs!


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