are we all monsters?

I really didn’t want to write about this because I don’t want trolls to find it and don’t want the comments. I’ve seen enough on other sites. I won’t use names or certain phrases in this that will direct unwanted traffic here, but you will all know what I’m talking about, unless you happen to live under a rock. (EDIT: for those living in the US, as this has been a top headline for months)

I went to that college where that monster attacked and ruined the lives of young boys and their families.

When I was a student there, he was still on staff.

I don’t know how far back he began ruining lives, but it could have been when I was there.

Am I a monster as well, because of my attendance of this school and its games?

According to the majority of commenters online, I am. According to them, I have been drinking the kool-aid and will turn a blind eye to the inactions of powerful men, including a coach once revered on campus (BMOC).

Guess what? I haven’t drunk the kool-aid. I absolutely 1,000,000% DO NOT excuse the (in)actions of these men, including BMOC. Legally, he may have done what he thought he should have in this instance, but morally, he was corrupt. Along with every other person, powerful (president, etc) or not (janitors), who knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it. The members of the Board should have kept inquiring. They, too, are at fault. What about the men who were first-hand witnesses? At fault. For doing nothing.

I believe the school should be penalized. How could I not? Do I think the penalties are fair? It doesn’t matter. They are what they are and we’ll (the school community) deal.

I just struggle with others’ comments (including from FB friends) that are damning every person associated with this school (current students, alumni, teaching staff). It’s so disheartening that I have to be hesitant to tell people where I went to school, because I might be vilified for it. That I will automatically be accused of supporting monsters. I’ve seen ignorant comments that call us all ‘p_d_philes’ or accuse us of protecting p_d_philes for having gone there. I’ve seen comments about how one guy was going to go through the roster of employees and fire those who went there. I’ve seen comments calling us all whiners and crybabies. I’ve seen every kind of attack on us simply for the fact that we earned a degree from there, regardless of whether we supported the sport or not.

I also struggle with fellow alum who are defending BMOC like he did nothing wrong and is infallible. I see comments/posts on various sites and FB and I want to scream! It’s because of those people that others think we all drank the kool-aid (is it any coincidence that I keep accidentally typing “kook” when I type that?). I know MBOC had a profound effect on many lives over 60 odd years. But they need to acknowledge that he could have done more. That he should have done more. It’s a shame his legacy will go down like this, but consequences must be paid for what you do or don’t do.

It also incenses me that the general pool of commenters believe that everyone associated with the school’s lives revolved around that one sport. Guess what? It really didn’t. Yes, it’s true that the majority of us spent our fall Saturdays attending or watching games, but our lives continued when it wasn’t in season. If there were no season, it would suck big time, but life and college is full of enough other stuff. If I think about the past few years…I’ve gone back for a game like twice in the past 6 years. And I think I missed 75% of the games when they were televised last year.

However, I also understand that the culture of a big school is often focused around that sport. It’s not just my school. It’s every school that is a division I school. It is what drives money. It’s what makes prospective students want to go there. It’s what makes rich alum donate. I get that. We need the money to fund education. We need students who want to go there to obtain grants. Because above all, it is an educational institution. And one that I am proud to have graduated from, because I did get a very good education and took classes that had little, if anything at all, to do with that sport (aside from monetary funding funneling down).

I went to school there. I am not a monster. Neither are the thousands others who are affiliated with it. The monsters are the ones who knew (first-, second- or third-hand) what was going on and did nothing to stop it. And trust me when I say that if I had known about it, he’d either be dead or missing an appendage.

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