mid-july randoms

  • I was finally able to find a maxi-dress that was just right.  I’m short, like 5’2/5’3…most maxi-dresses are too long and I’d wind up tripping over the hem.  I finally found one that hits perfectly at my ankle while I am wearing flats!  Thank you, J.Crew.
  • I had a great night out with bestie and her mom (my ‘other’ mom).  And mom was obsessed with my long hair.  It is definitely longer than I usually wear it and I am totally digging the waves it gets after a day being twisted up while I’m at work.
  • I went to a Christening for my cousin’s baby and was put at the most random table (non-family)…like I was some outcast, disowned cousin.  It was a bit weird at first, but whatever, we had the BEST time at our table and I made friends with a couple of them and we’re doing a day of shopping and pool time in a couple of weeks.  Yes, my cousin will be there.  It might be a little awkward if I’m hanging out with her friends without her.
  • I was told twice in one weekend that I was gorgeous.  Once by my very drunk ‘other’ mom and again by a 52-year old woman (my new shopping friend with a pool).  Yay, me?
  • People on NYC streets and subways are making me want to get all stabby.  Or punchy, since I don’t normally carry a knife, but do have two very able punchy fists at the ready.  I don’t know if it’s the heat or the horrid smells or a combination of both?  Or it could very well just be that people are inconsiderate assholes.
  • There’s a doorman at the building on the corner of my block.  Nice and friendly, but a little creepy.  So much so that I will avoid walking on that side of the street (which is the side my apartment is on).  But he thinks my name is Abby (he asked me one day and misheard my response) and I will not correct him.  He totally backed off of creepiness whenever I was with St. Elmo, but now that it’s just me again, ugh, creepiness is back.
  • Speaking of St. Elmo, it’s not just his name I keep coming across, it’s his sister’s and his mother’s too.  Again, not common names.  Either of them.  Dammit.
  • I’m obsessed with cherries.  Every summer I become a cherry eating fiend.  That sounded dirty.  I’ll go through two pounds in like 4 days.  A moderately expensive habit, but it’s better than me turning to chocolate.
  • I made an awesome Grand Marnier whipped cream for a work potluck.  I brought the whipped creams and another coworker brought the berries.  I made three flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and the GM.  The GM was the clear favorite.  So damn delish.  I might have to make some more, cause I do have another pint of heavy whipping cream left.  Oh, and if you didn’t already know, make sure you use run-of-the-mill store brand, non-fancy heavy whipping cream.  I bought the more expensive organic stuff and holy damn, it takes FOREVER for ultra-pasteurized cream to whip up.  Eventually it does whip up, but jeezus, it took me three times as long as usual.  I will never buy organic again for whipped cream.  Oh, and if you are opening a new container of Nestle cocoa powder, don’t just jam your thumb through the foil on top…a powdered cocoa cloud will fly everywhere because they fill that mutha to the very top!
  • The run on this past Saturday was torture.  It was so humid.  I was dripping sweat before the race even started.  The whole time I just wanted to crawl in a puddle to cool down.  Afterwards, when I was in Starbucks waiting in line, I thought the girl in front of me smelled musty, like damp towels that had been sitting in the corner of a basement for a long time.  Then I had the awful thought that maybe it was me.  Afterall, I had just done a 4-mile race and then walked over a mile home.  It was very likely I was stinky.  But I don’t think I would have smelled musty.  Oh well.
  • Walking back from the race got me a couple of stares from men – I was wearing clothing that hid nothing – running capri tights and a tight running tank.  One guy was on his phone and so blatant as he stared and kinda leaned in toward me (he was still about 10 feet away) when he passed me.  He was actually kinda good looking and I might have been more receptive if he wasn’t so obvious about checking me out.
  • The shower after a hot, humid run is the BEST THING EVA!
  • I forgot to mention this before, but our little fish at work, L2, died.  She died in late June.  We haven’t replaced her yet.  She’s missed terribly 😦
  • I am loving the Crumbs Bakeshop summer special of $1 any-sized iced coffees.  And double punches on Mondays.  Twelve punches on your punch card gets you free coffee and a cupcake!  YUM
  • I am not doing any kind of online dating now.  I’m not subscribed to anything.  But if and when I do go back online, I’ve been advised to expand my ‘search area’ to beyond NYC – advice coming from the bestie (here’s your shout-out and reco!)

And that’s it.  That’s all folks.  For now.



  1. Crumbs sells something besides cupcakes? I have such tunnel vision.

    • You need something to help wash down all that sugary goodness. Their muffins and cookies are yummy too!

  2. singlewhitefemaledating

    Errrrrr… I hear you about smelly people; I was in a spin class and we were stretching (just after our warm up) and the chick beside me lifted her arm and I nearly passed out!! Have a shower people!!!! (P.S. it is winter here?)

  3. Have you ever tried white cherries? They are a bit costly, but soooo delicious!

    • Oh, yes! They are sooooo good!

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