tour of flushing meadows corona park

So, despite having completed 41 New York Road Runner races over the past 3 years, I’ve never run one in Queens. Until today. This morning I woke my sorry ass up at 5:30AM to head out to Flushing Meadow Corona Park in Queens. Better known for the park that houses the National Tennis Center and home of the US Open. Citifield, home of the Mets is right next door. But most importantly, it was the home of the New York World’s Fair and has the iconic world globe fountain. Also there…those ‘spaceships’ from Men in Black.

It was a hella hot morning for a run. I was eternally grateful and thanking god that there was a vendor in the park that sold iced coffee. I needed my caffeine fix bad.

As I was waiting for my friend, “Lee” to arrive, I was approached by a cute guy asking to borrow my eyes. He wanted me to tell him if he was pinning his bib on straight. So I assisted and we chatted very briefly about the race, the heat, and my coffee. Then because I am totally out of practice and an idiot, I was like “well, have a nice race” and walked away. Duh. Had my chance to flirt and I flaked. Oh well.

The race started and like I said, it was hella hot. Already 85 degrees when it started and sunny. A mile in and I was done and done. But I trudged on for 5.1 more miles to finish. And in a nice turn, they gave out medals (yay!).

Here’s a little tour of FMCP…








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  1. I want to be like the biking version of you when I grow up. I hate running, but I love biking. I would love to work myself up to doing a race/marathon thing at some point, but I think I’ll shoot for the easier goal first: finding the motivation to bike more than once a week.

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