when’s my next vacation?

One full week back to the old grind and I am so over it!  It had been an easy week to ease back in, but email issues were driving me batty!

Vacation…it was so nice.  The resort wasn’t great, but it served its purpose.  It provided a clean room, clean pool, lots of lounge chairs (even if you did have to put your towels down to save the chairs by umbrellas early), plenty of food, plenty of booze, and a sweet beach view.

We did a whole lotta nothing while down there.  Sleep, lounge, read, chat with other vacationers, eat, swim, and repeat, day-in and day-out.

There were two afternoons that I did retire to the room on the early side, around 2PM.  The first came after drinking 5 cocktails/beers before eating a small salad for lunch.  Not so smart.  I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening nursing a hangover/migraine which made me nauseous and pukey.  Lovely.  I did, however, feel nice and slender the next day.  The other abbreviated afternoon was completely my fault for being a gluttonous piggy.  I might have eaten a questionable item or two from the lunch buffet.  Could I narrow it down from what I ate?  Absolutely not, since I ate about 10 different things and wasn’t very discerning in what I shoved down my piehole.  Thank god for immodium is all I can say.  (TMI, I know)

But otherwise, it was a good time.  We met lots of people.  So many from the UK, a couple from NYC, a couple from Miami, a group from Texas.  Everybody was friendly.  Lots of couples and families, so it was a bit odd being two single girls, but it didn’t really bother us.  Also lots of honeymooners who looked barely out of high school.

I came home with about 30 mosquito bites.  Jesus.  I swear, if anyone ever needs to avoid getting bitten, come take a seat next to me.  They’ll eat me and leave you alone.  And I used spray with 25% deet.  Crikes.  I’m finally not itchy anymore.

I also came home with a slightly deeper tan that I might have wanted.  Even though I spent about 70% of the time under the big umbrella and used at least SPF 50, I got lots of color.  I used to tan like crazy when I was younger, but as I’m getting older, I am waaaaayyyyy more cognizant of the dangers of it.  Plus, I want to keep my face as wrinkle-free as possible.  Oh god, that reminds me of the older (and topless) couple we saw on the beach…so dark brown.  So scary tan.  Skin like dark leather, wrinkly bags.  My eyes can’t un-see what we saw.  The mental image still makes me shudder.

But on that horrifying note, when’s my next getaway???

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