mini 10k

This past weekend I had a 10K, the Mini.  Never mind that I hadn’t run in three weeks, I at least finished it without any of the three “P’s” – Passing out, Puking, or Pooping myself.  If I can avoid all of those, then it was a successful race, no matter how long it took me to cross the finish line.  Upon approach to the finish line, however, I saw that others were not so successful in avoiding the Puking aspect.  I passed at least 6 little spots where someone had puked and then event workers had covered said puke with some sort of oatmeal-like absorbing substance.  I mean I know women were pushing themselves…there was $10,000 on the line for the winner…but I doubt the pros vying for 1st place took a few seconds to stop, lean over, and puke before they crossed the finish.  Oh I suppose it could have been women pushing for PR’s (a concept foreign to this back-of-the-packer).

But it was a nice race that was only for women (over 6,000) and it was the 40th anniversary of it.  The winner of the first Mini in 1972 was on hand, as well as the founders of the race.  They gave us really lovely medals commemorating the anniversary and our completion of the race (which I suppose validated the extra $12 we paid to do it this year).

Some of my random thoughts before/during/after the race, in no particular order:

  • This girl standing in front of me has the most sour look on her face and her (seemingly) sweet, doting bf is holding her bag off to the side of the corral
  • Oh, hmm, geez, that might just be her face
  • Umm, chicky next to me, if you knock into me one more time, there’s gonna be a throw down
  • How come no one else is wearing the little green “Run for Life” stretchy thing? (I had it in my hair, but it could also be worn as a bracelet)
  • Oh, there’s someone with it
  • Wow, this girl in the Paradise Island Bahamas 1998 t-shirt is pretty, but damn, she smells like BO
  • Hey, I was in Paradise Island Bahamas in 2001, seems like forever ago
  • God, I hope I don’t smell like BO
  • Oh, sweet Jesus, that’s a fucking flattened RAT! <dry heave>
  • Hey, cute top!  Wonder where she got it?
  • This is where Barb lives…Hi Barb!
  • It’s not even 2 miles in, and I am DONE
  • And I’m going to take a little walking break now
  • Man, that guy has a lot of energy…he’s awesome sauce! (a course volunteer who always stands in this one spot during this race.  I’ve seen him every Mini I’ve done)
  • Ah, a nice long downhill!
  • Fuck this uphill is long
  • Ooo ooo ooo, a misting station ahead!
  • WTF!  Where’s the misting station?  I see the firehose laying there on the ground…F-ing tease
  • Uh, this water is a little brownish…but whatever, it’s hot and I need it
  • And I’m going to take a little walking break now
  • Thanks for your support, spectator, but we are not “almost there” when there is still two miles left (I hate this more than anything).  Unless the finish line is in sight, I am not “almost there”
  • Ooo!  Is that a medal around that girl’s neck?  Yay!  We get medals!
  • Ooo!  We get popsicles too!
  • Gag, it smells like horse poo (courtesy of the handsome carriages in Central Park dumping shit in the roads)
  • Aww, look at the Fred Lebow statue!  It’s all decorated in honor of the race.  Lemme stop and take a pic, cause what’s 10 more seconds on my time…not like I’m trying to PR or anything.  HA!
  • OW!  Note to self, on hot, humid days, DO NOT wear shorts that ride up.  Damn chafing on my inner thighs!
  • I’m going to pick my wedgie and I don’t care who sees
  • Oh, a photographer, lemme start running again
  • Haha, those girls next to me also started running for the camera
  • Hey, here’s where I saw Hoda a few weeks ago
  • Really? You’re going to cross the road right in front of me when I am running?
  • If I hung a left here outta the park, I could just run on home and be sitting on my couch in 5 mins…
  • Damn chafing! Not gonna be pretty later
  • 800 meters left…
  • 400 meters left…
  • Who spilled oatmeal on the course??
  • Oh, that’s not oatmeal
  • Gross
  • More puke?
  • Hey, they are announcing my name as I cross the finish!  Woo hoo!
  • That’s because I am so damn slow, no one else is even around me <sad, embarrassed face>
  • Remember to smile for the camera
  • More puke? <after the finish line>
  • Water, I need water
  • Is that rain?
  • Damn, good thing I didn’t walk that way or else I would have missed getting my medal
  • Yay, Gatorade
  • Ugh, Gatorade is disgusting…will I ever learn?
  • Water, I need water (to wash away the Gatorade taste)
  • No bagel, thanks, where’s the fruit?
  • Mmm, yummy plum!
  • Mmm, yummy orange popsicle!
  • F-ing popsicle is melting and dripping all over me!  It’s dripping down my leg.  Gross
  • Need a trashcan so I can toss this orange sticky mess
  • Thank god for this cup of water to wash myself off
  • Should I walk the 1+ mile to the crosstown bus?
  • Hell no, there’s the subway


  1. I’ll run for popsicles. But not a 10k. Maybe a 5k.

    • Haha! I was surprised they had popsicles. Usually, they only have them for the Gay Pride run…which is NO coincidence that they hand out phallic shaped treats at the end of that one

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