and i’m almost off…

Almost checked out for 10 straight days of NO WORK!  That’s right, friends, I’m not bringing home my laptop, going to turn off my blackberry and FORGET that I have a job for TEN GLORIOUS DAYS!  Jealous????  You should be 😉

So, while I didn’t shed the 10 pounds that I wanted to for vacation, I have kinda accepted that this is the body that I’ll be sporting in a bikini.  And I’m gonna rock the shit out of it!  So, my belly isn’t as flat as it used to be.  So, my thighs touch when I stand.  So be it.  At least I can rock the awesome boobs that came with the extra weight (hey, I was pretty flat-chested until I hit my 30s, I’m enjoying these puppies while I have ’em!).  While my body may not be what I want it to be right now, it’s still probably a lot better than most other women my age and I can live with that for this trip.

It’s been rainy and pretty crappy here, so I am very much looking forward to sun, even in there’s the typical quick afternoon thunderstorm (perfect for either naptime or heading to the gym).  I’ll have three full days before I actually get on a plane to go, giving me plenty of time to make sure the apartment is clean, do all my laundry, pack, run all my errands, chill the fuck out, and get in some running.  I am so looking forward to this.  Like seriously.

Oh, last Tuesday when I wondered who I might see on my way home…no celebs, but I did see the corner/scene of the crime where Michael McKean was hit by a car.  YIKES!  I wondered why there was a police car and it was all taped off.  Crazy drivers are no freakin’ joke in NYC.  It’s some major miracle that I haven’t been struck yet, especially with all my jaywalking, walking against lights and whatnot.

Anyhoo, while I’m away, I probably won’t be reading all of your stuff, but that will be something to look forward to when I get back to the grind.  Hope you all have a very fun and safe holiday weekend!!!  See you all when I get back!



  1. I’ve seen photographic evidence…you have a great body!! 🙂 Hope you have an awesome vacation Amy!!

    • Oh, Evie, you are waaayyy too kind. Thanks for the vacay well wishes!

  2. Wish I could take 2 weeks as well! Have a lovely time!

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