meet L2

This is L2, short for Leslie 2. She’s a pretty kick ass betta fish that we keep in our little area at work. She’s named after a particularly nice client. She’s the second Leslie, as poor Leslie v1.0 was a sad little fishy and didn’t eat. L2 has lots of personality and loves to eat. Feeding her is one of my favorite daily activities. I’m not usually a fish person (I mean come on, I have a cat!), but dammit if I don’t love this little sushi nugget!!!


Here’s L2 checking out a box of Godiva…




  1. wherethedaytakesme

    Don’t over feed her lol, I learned that the hard way with my late beloved pickles. Cute beta

  2. Are you sure you should be referring to her as a “sushi nugget”?

    • Of course! It’s my term of endearment for her 🙂 And actually, L2 is probably a male fish…so we shouldn’t even be calling him a “her”

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