they come in threes, right?

Nothing new, really.

Oh, I have had three random celebrity sightings in the past week.  This is unbelievable to me, cause usually I walk around with blinders on with a singular focus of getting to where I am headed and the only time I’ll look at you is if you’re in my way.

Adrian Brody on Upper East Side a week ago.

Hoda Kotb jogging in Central Park on Sunday morning.  We made eye contact and she smiled at me.  Most runners are pretty nice like that.

Kyra Sedgwick on the 86th St B/C subway downtown platform this morning.

I wonder who I’ll see tonight?


  1. In Dublin you rarely see them … but if you do they are in the pub with the rest of us

  2. That’s cool!! I routinely see sports celebrities ’round town…it is Dallas after all. 😉 But it’s rare that I see someone famous for something other than playing with balls.

  3. That’s cool. I need to spend more time in NYC or CA. I never have random sightings.

  4. Nice! I’ve seen a few but only when someone has pointed them out to me. I didn’t even recognize Snooki in an airport…

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