when is my vacation?

I realize that I have been quite absent from here, but trust me in that you’ve not missed a single thing going on in my life.  It’s actually nice to think that it’s been pretty boring and mostly un-stressful.  Work has been keeping my busy, but one major project has been shelved for a bit.  The other big one is 75% complete.  The first phase of it will be totally complete by the time I head out for my vacation (talk about peace of mind!).   Vacation is now only 6 working days away (I don’t count weekends or days the office is closed).  Woo hoo!

One major issue that I am dealing with now is trying to talk my apartment management company down from a 12% increase in my rent.  Yeah, 12%.  WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?  Not sure I will be successful, but I have to try, right?  I mean, I am in a position, thank god, that I can afford the increase, but still…WTF?  If I weren’t so damn lazy, I’d find another place to live, but I HATE moving.  It’s such a hassle and frankly, it costs a lot of money (thousands upfront + cost of movers).  My big stink with the increase is that they are trying to justify the new rent amount as it’s the market rate for the area.  OK, fine.  BUT, it’s the market rate for an apartment that has been renovated and updated and freshly painted.  I’ve lived in my place for 8 years now.  It hasn’t been fully painted since before I moved in.  While my kitchen appliances were new-ish when I moved in and are perfectly fine, the cabinets and countertops are straight out of the 1970’s.  The bathroom needs updating.  Christ, if I left and they wanted to rent it, they’d have to totally re-haul the place!  THEN and only then could it be worth “market rate”.

Oh, and speaking of money.  This year is Mama D’s 70th birthday.  My oldest brother, who lives in Vegas, and I came up with a plan that we’d plan a trip for her to go out there for like 10 days.  My oldest brother’s  home is not an option for her to stay at, so we’ll split the cost of a hotel room(s).  Luckily, oldest bro works at Caesar’s and can get discounted rates at about 5 different Caesar-owned properties.  But figuring a 10 day stay, we’re still looking at about a $800 bill.  That’s fine.  But the idea was that I would also fly out for a Friday through Sunday (take red-eye home) trip.  Airfares are running at a minimum $550 with freakin’ stops.  I love Mama D, but I can’t swing spending over $1200 or so, especially right after cashing out for this (much needed) vacation.  Plus, ya know, I might be paying 12% more every month for the box I call home.  Plus, I was hoping to buy a new bed this summer.

Which brings me to my next little story.  So, last Friday at work a few of us are sitting around and one co-worker was telling us about how she’s freaked out about going home that night because she recently had a roach in her bedroom.  She’s had them in her place before, but always downstairs and never in her bedroom.  Anyhoo, I mentioned some of my run-ins with creepy crawlies and the couple of times I’ve woken up all freaked out because I had a spider bite.  Cause that meant a spider was in my bed with me.  GROSS.  So, anyways, Monday night I go home with my brand new Nook Color (that I bought in preparation for my trip in which I will be doing nothing other than drinking, eating, sunning and reading) and am happily reading in bed.  I get antsy sitting/laying in any one position for very long, so I was flopping this way and that way trying to get comfy.  As I’m laying on my stomach, I go to turn over to get out of bed, probably to get something to drink or go to the bathroom, I can’t remember what I was getting up for…because as I turn over, I see a FREAKIN’ SPIDER IN MY BED right behind me.  Yeah, you knew where this was going, right?  I jump out of bed, run to the bathroom and grab a wad of toilet paper and run back to the bed.  The spider was kinda curled up and it looked dead.  I mean, I had been flopping all over the bed.  I probably squashed the damn thing with my giant ass.  My cat happened to be on the bed and as I went to move her, she spots the spider and decides to paw at it.  At that point, it’s quite apparent that the spider is NOT indeed dead and it proceeds to run across the bed, heading for under the covers.  So, now I’m trying to rip and toss the covers off the bed in mad pursuit of the little beast.  It darts over the opposite side of the bed and by the time I make it over there, Speedy Gonzalez is nowhere to be seen.  FUCK!  Now I’m trying to pick up the discarded sheet and duvet off the floor and shake them, praying a spider isn’t shaken out onto my feet.  No spider.  I lift the corner of the mattress and peek under.  No spider.  Fuck!  Where did it go?????  I put the sheet and duvet back on the bed in a way that I will be able to see if a spider is crawling around.  I take a flashlight and try to look under the bed.  No spider.  I give up and move to the couch.  Now I’m all freaked out and thinking how I’m going to have to sleep on the sofa because the sanctuary that was my bed has now been compromised.  I spend about an hour on the sofa reading with one eye trained on the bed hoping that Speedy G will make an appearance and I can grab and flush him.  No such luck.  Finally, I reason with myself that as scared as I was of this little bastard, he was probably a billions times more frightened of the crazy woman ripping sheets off her bed and jumping around like a lunatic.  I’m sure Speedy G has retreated back into a crack by the baseboard.  At least that’s what’s letting me sleep at night.  But, so far, I have not woken up with a spider bite…however, knowing my luck, any day now I’ll awaken covered in them, cause Speedy G will have returned with a bunch of his friends.  Fuck me.



  1. oneshewolf

    12%…they are looking to bank some money for the renovations upon your exit or anyone else…I kill spiders with rubber gloves on, I don’t fuck around. I have gloves on every level of my house and in more than one spot. A therapist would have a field day with me! Hope the vacay is wonderful. Great gift idea for your mom too!

    • I like the rubber glove idea, it would put me in a better peace of mind knowing that at least there’s a rubber barrier between my hands and the little bastards. Thanks for the vacay well wishes and I hope my mom accepts the trip (she’s terrified of flying and that may be the only deterrent for her).

  2. I hate moving, too. 12% is awful!

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