partying like it’s 1999. well, not really

Tonight I am going to an Upfront party.  Not one of the big broadcast networks ones, those aren’t until the third week in May, but a smaller one for a well-known production company/syndicator/brand/whatever.  For those of you unfamiliar with the advertising world, every year the television networks do a whole song-and-dance routine to introduce their next (broadcast) season lineups in which advertisers will commit to spending billions of dollars…upfront, before the shows actually make it on air.

I’ve been working on the agency side of this industry for over 12 years.  My first Upfront was in 2000, back when budgets were HUGE and parties were enormous blow-out affairs with endless food, booze and TV star stalking photo opportunities.  I’ve got tons of good stories and pictures.  They’ve gotten much, much tamer and scaled back over the years.  I actually can’t remember the last time I attended an Upfront party…maybe 2005?  No, strike that, I think I went to the MTV Network Upfront in 2006 or 2007.  So, it’s been a good 5 or 6 years since I’ve attended one of these shindigs.

I’m looking forward to tonight.  I’m going with the person whom I shared my first few years of Upfront partying with.  A coworker I worked with at my first agency.  Someone I shared many a drunken 20-something year old night with.  Of course, now she’s married with two kiddies and living in the suburbs and even though I’m single and living in the city, I’m still an old fart, we’ve already caveated our outing with “we’ll only stay for an hour or so”.  Woop woop, living it up, that’s us!

Hopefully, I won’t be that person who gets so stinkin’ drunk, she poops herself and becomes a story on Page Six and the subject of an email (which was hysterical and the original thread of the email was written by former coworkers…I work with Klassy, with a capital “K”, people) circulating throughout the ad world the next day…but if I do, you know I only did it for entertainment purposes, of course ;)


  1. Ok, Really.. Did you HAVE to make me crack up laughing reading the craptastic story you linked to your post?? GAH! I am not sure I would ever be able to enter society again if that were me!!! (but I’m looking forward to hearing all about YOUR adventures tonight!!! :)

    Have FUN!!

    • Umm, yes, I did HAVE to make you crack up :)

  2. Hope you had fun!

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