dear st. elmo #2

Will you finally deal with your feelings of being cheated on by your ex-fiance and the end of that relationship???  Seriously, it’s been like 11 or 12 years already.  This is a prime example of how you don’t work through issues of your previous relationship before embarking on the next.  You may think that it doesn’t bother you anymore, but be honest with yourself, because you’re not fooling anyone else, just yourself.

There were two separate occasions when we were talking and you brought it up and you got all teary eyed.  What the fuck was that?  Obviously, it was a sign that you haven’t gotten over it and you might want to schedule some counseling to deal with it.  Oh, but that’s right, you don’t believe in therapy for you.  Because you already know everything there is to know about psychology and you know yourself better than anyone else.  There isn’t anything anyone else could tell you that you don’t already know.  Guess what?  There’s so much more you need to know about yourself.  I think I have a better understanding of you than you. (Just like you probably think you know me better than I know myself.  I don’t argue that, it could very well be true.)

I know, because you’ve told me, that the whole incident led to the end of your relationship right after.  Doesn’t that tell you something?  In the midst of our break-up, you brought it up.  Why?  It wasn’t relevant to anything we were going through.  It’s just something in the back of your mind that eats away at you and will continue to do so until you face it.

Every woman you date will pay the price of what that woman did to you until you can work through your hurt and anger and put it to rest.  I’ve been cheated on (even before Colossal DB) and I dealt with it and it was never an issue with anyone I was with afterwards.  Did it hurt and piss me off?  Did it make me a little more cautious?  You bet.  Do I think that every guy I date is going to cheat on me?  No.  It didn’t damage me that way, because I dealt with the emotions and got over it.  You need to get over it.  Jesus, for the love of g*d, deal with it already!


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