please go away…

I got a Facebook message from a blast from the past.  From this guy I dated in 2007, the first time I was on Match.  We dated for approximately 3 months, which was at least one month too long (I had in fact checked out of the relationship about 1.5 months in and then dragged my feet with breaking it off).  Jesus, there were so many things wrong with him.

– He was 44 years old…he lied on his profile and said he was 38.  I was 32 at the time.  I let this slide, but for shit’s sake, really???

– He didn’t really like venturing outside of his comfort zone in NY, which was downtown.

– His TV was only hooked up to a DVD player, which I get people are unplugged these days, but there’s only so many movies I can watch.  And I thought it was a little strange that he didn’t watch any TV at all – not news, not sports, nothing.

– He was a vegetarian, which is perfectly fine, but I’d prefer to date someone I can go get burgers with.  Or if I roast a chicken, he’s gonna eat it.

– He was not a super social person (what the hell is up with me and finding these guys with no friends???) and as far as I knew, I filled all social/home shoes with him, too.

– He’d been engaged like 3 times…to at least 3 different women…but never got married.  WTF?!  Blazing red flag.

– AND the #1 reason why I dropped his ass…one day he pointed out on my body where I could stand to “lose a few”!  You know, a few pounds from my ass, a few from my hips, a few from my thighs.  Yeah, for realz.  Now, I am not a skinny-minnie by any means, I’m curvy, but I am in no way overweight.  And especially back then, when I was probably no more than 120…I was fit.  That fucker had the nerve to tell me that I needed to lose weight?  He can eat shit and die (is shit considered vegetarian??).

So, yeah, he emailed me a couple days ago asking if I was still in NY, still working in my industry.  This wasn’t the first random reach out he’s done.  A few years ago, he emailed and I responded civilly, but then started to ignore subsequent messages.  I just had no interest in him.  Last year, he emailed again.  I was actually with St. Elmo when I got it and told him about it.  I ignored that message.  And now almost a year later, another message…that will be ignored.

When will he learn?  Oh, that’s right, never.  I might have to resort to blocking him.


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  1. OMG. This guys sounds like so many men I’ve dated. Someone who doesn’t really have it together, riddled with flaws, but likes to point out where I can improved.

    And, about FB shout out….That happens all the time by old beaus. In fact, I was thinking about writing a post on it. As in your case, he’s lonely and wants a little ego stroking. Advice: ignore, ignore, ignore.

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