apologies in advance

I apologize for drudging up the St. Elmo story.  But I’ve got nothing else going on in my life.  I’m not currently dating.  That awesome date from a month ago turned into a big fat nothing.  I’ve extremely little desire to put any effort into looking for another date.  I can’t talk about work, nor do I want to bore you with those details.  If I make any great strides in my running, I’ll let you know.  But since my life has seen more drama in the past 14 months than it has in my entire life, I still have loads of thoughts and opinions on the matter.  It’s also from a slightly different viewpoint, as I have no interest in any kind of relationship with him.  But mostly it’s good for the soul to let these feelings out, at least in my opinion.  And maybe I just want to torture you all a little.



  1. Don’t ever apologize for anything that you write on YOUR blog, Amy. It is good to get all your feelings out and I’m kinda oh so jealous that you have no interest in him anymore. As shitty as it is, I think it probably makes it easier to see the upside of things ( i know, uber inspirational, wasn’t it) 😉

    • Thanks, Grey! You’re right…it is my blog and I can write what I want and if people don’t want to read it, then they don’t have to 😉

      I think that I’ve just gotten to the point where I can see all his faults in such a clear light. Don’t get me wrong, I see mine as well. And the faults we both had together. And I just don’t forgive him for all the shit that he’s put me through the past year. Ironically, this time last year was when everything started to fall to shit. (Un)Happy anniversary?

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