bitter, party of one? not here, not this time!

Last weekend, the guy who was my rebound guy (I can’t remember what I nicknamed him and well, I’m feeling a little too lazy to look it up) got married.

And you know what?  I’m not bitter.  Not like I usually am when someone I was involved with moves on and gets married and gets those life experiences/moments that I want.  I am actually happy for him.  Sure, we always had a great time when we were together.  I was reading some facebook messages that we exchanged over the course of three years.  They were always fun, easy going, silly messages.  We haven’t had any contact really over the past year and a half except for a couple birthday messages and one Penn State related message, so it’s not like we were talking often.

I found out he was getting married because a photo of him with the gift registry gun at Bloomingdales was posted on his page (and my newsfeed).  Then this past weekend, there was the picture of him and his new bride.  I have to say, she is absolutely gorgeous and adorable.  And looks so damn sweet.  (Barf — just kidding!!!).

I really am happy for him.  I was never really sure that I was a right fit for him.  I was sure he was looking for a nice, cute Jewish girl – which I am not.  I kinda knew that I was strictly for fun.  And to be honest, I used him as my rebound after the Colossal Douchearoo.  As I knew he didn’t see me as long-term potential, neither did I see him that way.  And that was fine.  It worked for us.  And as a result, we can still be friends and I can wish him well and mean it (not something that I usually bestow on my ex-anythings, because I’m kind of petty and immature like that).

So, here’s to the two of them and a very happy life together!


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  1. I have a lot of catching up to do! Guess I’ll be reading this weekend. 🙂

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