back in the saddle

So, I went out on a first date with someone last Friday night.  Of course you want to hear about it!  Who doesn’t love reveling in someone else’s dating misery?  Well, my friends, I’m sorry to disappoint you, this one was actually good.

I don’t know what to call him yet, so I won’t give him a nickname unless there are more dates.  After a very quick back and forth email session spanning less than 24 hours, we arranged to meet down in the East Village to indulge in some mojitos.  I thought he had a great smile from his pictures and in person it was so much warmer and welcoming.  He is definitely a cutie.  And from the full body pics (OMG that chest, those arms, those shoulders, that back – be still my cold, black heart), I anticipated that he is definitely a hottie, too.

We met at our designated bar at 8:30PM.  I was a bit early and it was packed…beyond packed.  So, when he got there, we decided to head someplace else less crowded and quieter.  That was bar #1.  Sat down at a table, ordered a couple mojitos and continued our conversation that started on the walk over.  He is really a pleasant, fun, easy going guy.  It was definitely comfortable and his smile was just awesome.  Did I mention what a great smile he has???

After a mediocre mojito at bar #1, we went on a search for a better one.  Now we’re at bar #2.  A couple more mojitos ordered and now we’re at least comfortable to start to playfully tease each other.  I like someone who’s not a stick in the mud and uptight.  After we finish there, we continue our tour and jump into a cab for the Lower East Side.  Settle on a place (bar #3) and have two more drinks…each.  By now I’m definitely feeling a little more than buzzed, but still totally in control.

We close bar #3 down (it was actually a restaurant) and head to some pub (bar #4) across the street filled with kids a good 10 years younger than us (I’ll add here that he is about a year younger than me).  I get us two beers and we take residence over by a window.  Now we’re both kinda drunk and I totally just leaned in for kiss.  I figured what the hell.  We’re surrounded by 20-somethings, might as well drunk kiss in a bar like one!  It’s been awhile since I made out with someone.  Too long, actually.  I need to do more of that.  Man, was it fun.

When I saw that it was after 2AM, I thought I needed to go home.  Alone.  I contemplated bringing him home, but 1) I just didn’t want to go there yet and 2) my apartment was a mess.  And frankly, I’m a bit uptight about someone seeing my place as a disaster area.  So, we shared a cab home, dropping him off first as he lives about 70 blocks downtown from me.

The next morning, after sleeping in, which I never do, I received a text telling me that he meant to text last night to make sure I got home to my bread cat* okay, but that he fell asleep with his phone in his hand (*backstory is I breaded my cat and showed him a pic.  I should post a pic of it on here, because breaded cats are really funny).  We texted back and forth a couple times over that day and the next and that was that.

A couple days went by of not hearing from him and while I was a little bummed at it, I fully understand that we went out ONCE and it’s no big deal and it’s a couple of days.  I mean come back down to earth, Amy.  But, he texted me Wednesday (yesterday) morning asking me about “how is the world of *blank* research” in which I work.  That led to a few more back and forths and he mentioned something that came out in conversation late, late in the night after many drinks on Friday.  That made me smile, cause it’s nice to know he was listening and remembering.  There were few more texts last night after I got home from a scotch tasting event (sidenote: I am not a scotch drinker, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t enjoy drinking the stuff last night).  He made a comment about meeting me around midnight (he thought the tasting was from 10-12PM), but I was home by 10:30PM when we were texting and already in bed.  I said we need to plan for another time and hopefully that will happen.

I’m trying to keep my expectations lower, so as to keep any potential disappointment manageable, but this guy is such a cutie.  I’ll keep you updated on what happens, if it happens 🙂



  1. Yey on your good date Amy! And two thumbs up on the drunken make out session! Being the kissing whore that I am, while others may not approve, I think it’s awesome! I hope you get to go out with him again but I like your attitude either way. And damn impressive on the sheer volume of alcohol consumed. You make me look like a lightweight. 😉

    • The kissing was definitely fun! And after drinking that much, I was paying for it the next morning with a pounding head. I’m quite sure that you could hold your own on a night out like that, too.

  2. I’m glad that this date went well for you! Please keep us updated on this!! 😀 BTW, I’ve tagged you in my latest post!

    • Thanks for the comment! And also for the tag 🙂

  3. Ahh! Don’t meet him late at night whatever you do, he sounds too cute for you to let him turn you into his booty call!!

    That is of course just my opinion and I’ve stopped blogging about dating because I got sick of people’s opinions so i should probably shut it, huh? lol

    • I won’t meet him late at night, at least not in the beginning. For now, I’m keeping it to evenings and hopefully a weekend daytime thing like brunch or museum visit, if/when it gets that far.

  4. Good for you Amy! But I have to ask, as I am at a loss and too lazy to Google. exactly does one bread one’s cat?
    xo, goyagrrl

    • Thanks, GG! Breading a cat is taking a slice of bread, digging out the center and placing the cat’s head into the hole of the bread. As you can imagine, they don’t like it… but it sure is funny looking!

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