check out simply solo!!!

If you have never visited Catherine’s Simply Solo, I urge order you to head over there when you have a moment, sit back and read some of the greatest stuff you’ll come across on a blog site.  You’ll want to subscribe to or follow her, as well, just to keep the awesomeness at your fingertips.  And if you head over there today, you just might come across a few words written by moi.  I was very honored to be Catherine’s guest blogger today.

For all of you who are here for the first time having been directed here from Simply Solo, welcome!

I’ve undoubtedly been a bit MIA on here as of late.  I’m still working through some heartbreak issues (which had dragged on and on for waaaaayyyyyy too long.  Quite possibly the longest breakup in history.  OK, so I exaggerate just a little) and will maybe post about some of it.  Or maybe not.  But I will definitely start blogging about any upcoming dates courtesy of my (mis) membership.  I hope to keep blogging about other nonsense going on in my life.  I just want to get back into blogging again, because it really is my best therapy.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!





  1. Just Saying

    Just found your blog via Simply Solo. Love it.

    • Thank you so much! Glad you stopped by 🙂

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