one day i will get help

I have a problem.  Well, I have many, many problems, but this one is slowly contributing the demise of the earth as we know it.

I hoard napkins.

There, I said it.  I admit it.  I am a napkin hoarder.

Napkins I keep by at my desk. And this is a *small* stash.

I don’t know what it is that makes me take a stack of napkins from wherever I may be getting food or drinks, but I just do.  Don’t get me started on the places that keep the napkins behind the register and only dole out one per person.  I’m a messy girl!  I need my napkins, as in plural!  It’s not like if I grab a big stack I use them all at the moment.  But I like knowing that if I need a napkin, I have one…or a thousand…at the ready.



  1. Nothing wrong with napkin hoarding. People are always asking for my napkins, so I need to make sure after I give them out, I still have some left for me.

    • I’ve no shame in my napkin hoarding. It’s become kind of a joke with me. If this is the only thing I hoard in life, I’m happy…as are the people who live around me, I’m sure 🙂

  2. The blizzard of ’78 in Boston left with me an irrational (well, maybe not irrational) fear of running out of toilet paper. I have at least 32 rolls in my linen closet right now.

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