a new bloggy look

I figured that I would change up the look of my blog to go along with changes going on in my life.  Obviously, my love life has changed.  On the work front there are going to be small, slow changes for the better.  I’m getting back into running and am hoping to make significant change on that front.  I hope to start therapy soon and that my outlook on life will change.  I’m not going to do anything with my hair, not like chopping off half a foot of hair, but am toying with the idea of cutting bangs.  I’m starting to wear makeup and perfume again (somehow that just stopped when I was in a relationship).  I’m just making small tweaks here and there that hopefully will improve me – inside and out.


  1. Like the new look!

    • Whoa! That was a quick comment!! Thanks, Dennis!

      • I’m watching. All the time. Aaaaaall the time.

        No, seriously, I subscribe to your blog via email, so if I’m online when you post, I’ll see it right away. 😉

  2. Tip for your next relationship (and, yes there will be one) – Never give up the makeup and perfume ;-). Oh – nor the shaving – haha. Hang in there!

    • You’re right…always keep wearing makeup, even if it’s only mascara (I only go the drag queen full on makeup route for big nights out). And other than eyebrows and the hair on top of my head, I loathe body hair (on myself), so not taking care of that is NEVER an option 🙂

  3. oneshewolf

    Dennis’ other gig is a part-time stalker…er…obessive watcher, whatever. I like the new look as well and as a super-primper I will say NEVER stop the make-up, hair, nails, toes, perfume, etc.!

    • Part-time? Pfft. I think you underestimate my stalkiness.

  4. Like the new look! Good luck with everything – we’re all here right beside ya!

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