you spin me round round, baby, round round

Long time, no write…I know, my bad.

So, I feel like I must brag for one moment at what a rock star St. Elmo was this weekend.  He stayed by my side as I was violently ill and let me tell you…it was NOT a pretty sight.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling slightly light-headed.  When I attempted to get out of bed, I almost fell over.  I attributed it to my typical low blood pressure.  I laid back down and when I turned my head to the right, the room started to spin.  Kinda like when you are drunk and the room spins.  Now the light-headedness (not to be confused with air-headedness, which is completely normal for me) is not something that I often experience, even with my low BP.  And the spinning?  Not in the least normal for me.  Now I started to get a little freaked out and yes, I will admit, I started to cry a little because I didn’t know why this was happening or what was going on with me or if I had a brain tumor or something.  St. Elmo rubbed my back, tried to reassure me that I was going to be alright, and then offered to go get me some cut up fruit, while I stayed in bed and tried to doze and sleep it off.

All day, I pretty much dozed on and off, trying to keep still so the room wouldn’t spin.  By the evening, I was feeling a lot better, so we ordered in some dinner.  As I had only eaten some fruit all day, I was quite hungry and scarfed my food down like it was my job.

Post-dinner, I decide to lay on my bed.  Yeah, that was the wrong move.  Immediately the room began to spin and when I say it spun, it spun around at such an accelerated rate that I was instantly nauseated.  I stupidly turned my head to the right and the room spun some more.  Now, I’m completely sick to my stomach and calling out to St. Elmo to help me get to the bathroom – and help me quick!

Let’s just leave it at if there was any reason whatsoever for him to want to leave me, it happened in the bathroom that night.  All that delicious food that I so eagerly ate came right back up and then some.  I proceeded to get sick, oh, about four more times that night.  Nothing is quite as sexy as a retching, dizzy, pale/green faced Amy.  Of course, with the Internet at our fingertips, we were able to self-diagnose that I was experiencing vertigo.  Fun stuff.

I was able to fall asleep on the couch face down as lying on my back induced the spinning.  In the morning, I still had the spinning action going on.  I knew I couldn’t go to work and as soon as the ENT doctors’ office opened, I called and requested an appointment asap.  Luckily, they could take me in the morning.  St. Elmo took the morning off of work to take me to the doctor.

Let me tell you about my ear doc.  I went to him last year when I had an earache.  He walked in and I was like “Hello, Dr. Hottie”.  Yeah, he’s good-looking in a Richard Gere sorta way.  Prematurely gray.  Good looking face.  Fit body.  Yeah, Dr. Hottie.  And last year, Dr. Hottie proceeded to put a scope up my nose to view the back of my throat.  Doesn’t get hotter than that.

Anyhoo, I explained the symptoms to Dr. Hottie (without once mentioning the word vertigo) and right away told me that it sounds like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).  He put me through the visual tests to watch my eye movement (watching them go round and round in circles following the spinning room).  He explains that it’s not serious and there is no real cause of it, but crystals have migrated to a part of my inner ear that is sensitive to foreign objects brushing the cilia and cause the feeling of vertigo.

Lucky for me there is a fix to my vertigo.  Dr. Hottie leads me through a series of physical therapy exercises that have me laying back, turning to the side and inducing the vertigo.  This did not make me happy as it also induced my nausea.  We were only able to do two reps of the exercises before I had to call it quits or else vomit all over the floor.  I was recommended to take a hearing test to make sure that my hearing was okay (it is) and after that, went back in the exam room for one more round of exercises.  Never quite did the third set.  Dr. Hottie took one look at my green face and knew that I was done with the therapy.  I’d have to do them at home.  Yay.

After St. Elmo got me home with more cut up fruit (it was all my stomach could handle), he went off to work and I dozed on and off for the remainder of the day.  He came back around 7PM and I knew that I had to do my PT exercises and should do them so I have time to settle my stomach down before I go to bed.  I flipped down on my back and turned my head to the right…no spinning…whoa!  Sat back up, flipped down on my back again and turned my head to the left…no spinning…hot damn!  It’s over??????  Can I get a Hallelujah?!  I continued to do the exercises for a few more reps without any signs of the vertigo.  I’m happy to say that the vertigo is gone and I’m back to my usual self.  Dr. Hottie is not just hot, he’s also a miracle worker (if you are in NYC and need an ENT doc, let me know and I’ll direct you to him).

But anyway, St. Elmo took care of me, cleaned up my puke, made sure I didn’t topple over in the shower, made sure I got to the doctor okay, ran out to get me food, straightened up my apartment, paid attention to the cat when I was in no shape to (and let me tell you, she needs constant attention).  He was a rock star!



  1. Glad you’re feeling better Amy. That must have been scary!

    Yup, St. Elmo was quite the rock star! 🙂

    • Thanks, Grey! I used to think that food poisoning was the worst thing ever… this might have tied it. Eeks.

  2. Am glad you are feeling better, Amy! And goooooo St. Elmo! I am always amazed how true gentlemen can deal with lady-vomit quite dashingly! 😉

    • Thanks, Goyagrrl…he was a real trooper dealing with lady-vomit. Lol!

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