a year ago, today…

It was one year ago, today, that I discovered the immense lie & betrayal by the Colossal Douche Bag.  It’s a little surreal thinking that 365 days have gone by since then.  I remember it and the couple weeks following the revelation like it was yesterday.

The difference now?  I laugh at the soap opera-ness of it.  I exhale with relief that he’s no longer in my life.  I can’t believe the person he turned out to be.  And I’m happy with where I’ve found myself today and where I’m heading in the future.

It dawned on me the other morning that it was a year ago that my whole opinion of him changed.  I’m not sure what triggered the thought that “hey, it’s coming upon one year”, but the thought did creep in.  I’m pretty good with remembering dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc), so my assumption is that July 7th is embedded as a notable date in my mind.

I suppose as this particular milestone passes, I need to acknowledge it, for it was the reason that I started this blog.  I had so many thoughts and emotions and words running through me that I needed an outlet.  I needed to vent.  This blog became a cherished therapist for me.

My very first blog post anniversary will be next week, on the 13th.  I’ll celebrate that milestone as well.


  1. Amy

    I keep things like that in mind. Even now- I think, wow… it’s been 10mo since Douchebag and I ended things. Look how much has changed! So I think it’s normal. It’s nice to look back and reflect upon as well though too!

  2. I’m coming up to one year from when I was supposed to get married this weekend… Ouch. Wish my brain didn’t randomly remember these things. It’d be easier to let the days go by unnoticed, I think. Know that you’ve come so far 🙂

  3. Porkpiesandheartache

    Can’t believe how similar we are! A year ago this week was the last time I had the misfortune of seeing my colossal douche bag…then finding out a few days later he was going on holiday with his girlfriend. Who he had been cheating on with me for 7 months. Douchius maximus!
    At least we can both look back on those bad times and see how much we have grown and how much better we are! SO much better!!!!

  4. firecracker3

    This is clearly anniversary week. I have no added July to one of my not-so-favorite months, right up there with October and March. I figure by the time I am 90 years old I will be up to all 12 🙂

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