what’s been goin’ on with moi

OK, so where did we leave off?

Late May…yikes!  I spent about 5 days down in Florida, having quality time with Mama D. and one of my brothers.  It was relaxing.  I sat by my mom’s pool.  I read the last Harry Potter book so that I will know how it ends even before I go see the last movie on July 15th (yes, I will see The Deathly Hallows Part 2 the day it opens.  I’m a nerd like that.).  I ate like a pig.  I napped a lot.  All in all, I was a lazy, gluttonous blob while in Florida.  Just as I intended.

The month of June was largely uneventful.  Lots of work, boring work.  Saw a few movies.  Drank a lot of wine.  Ate a lot of cheese.  The normal stuff.  I did zero running as my ankle is still f-ed up.  A few more races paid for and money down the drain (but I got t-shirts from them.  Umm, yeah, that made it worth the $).  I won’t be running for awhile.  Ugh.

I’m heading to Vegas in mid-August for a long weekend with my bestie, her mom and her mom’s friend to celebrate mom’s 60th.  It’s going to be a fun, crazy weekend.  We’ll fly out Thursday after work and come home on Monday.

I suppose I should catch you up on what’s going on with St. Elmo…things are going really well.

  • We spend loads of time together.
  • We wander the city and have even ventured outside of Manhattan.
  • We eat out and drink out almost every day (as my expanding waistline can attest).
  • We chill out in Central Park and try to figure out who the young teenybopper girl is that a paparazzo is photographing with his telescopic lens.
  • We chill out at home.
  • We signed up to do the Great Urban Race in NYC in August.
  • We go shopping.
  • He joined me and a good friend last Saturday night (one of the first times he’s hung out with my friends since the reconciliation) at a little outdoor concert in Riverside Park.  We all had a great time picnicking and then heading to a wine bar afterwards.
  • For Father’s Day, we spent the afternoon/evening with his parents, whom I adore.  We sat around shooting the shit, eating cheese and drinking beer.

I’m very much looking forward to this holiday weekend.  I will be heading down to the Princeton area with some girlfriends Thursday after work for a pool party at one of the ladies’ home on Friday.  We’ll barbeque and lay out by the pool during the day.  Friday night, we’ll watch fireworks.  On Saturday morning, I’ll catch the Amtrak to Philly (St. Elmo will catch that same train from NYC).  The two of us made a somewhat last minute decision to spend the July 4th holiday in Philly.  We wanted someplace that was close and easy to get to.  We already did DC and I spent last year’s 4th in Boston, so Philly it was.  And it seemed like the most fitting place to celebrate America’s independence.  We found a great deal on a hotel.  We considered splurging for the Four Seasons or Ritz, but in the end, opted to save the hundreds more we’d be spending on that hotel and chose the Westin.  Ahh, heavenly beds!  And really, we’ll only be in the room to sleep, shower and ahem, bike ride.  I can’t wait to just walk around, eat, drink and watch some fireworks.  And maybe learn a thing or two about our history in the City of Brotherly Love.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been up to for the past month.  I feel like it has flown by as I’m constantly on the go.  One more day of work and then 4 blissful days off.

Happy and Safe Fourth of July!!!



  1. Yey Amy! It sounds like things are going great for you! I’m SO happy! Your plans for the 4th sound terrific as well (thanks for rubbing in the bike ride, btw) 😉

    Gee, I’m hoping that one day I get a life as well so I can stop whining on my blog 😉


    • Umm, Grey, you have a life. I think with as much as you do and fit into your days, you live the lives of 5 people. I added the bike ride part, cause I know you appreciate bike rides 🙂 xoxo

      • from what i recall, yes, I did appreciate a good bike ride …. now my stupid trail is all dusty and unused 😦

  2. 2blu2btru

    Congratulations on the reconciliation! It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. The highlights of my long weekend–being off on Monday and yoga on Saturday morning. Lame. Have a great 4th of July. 😀

    • A long weekend with yoga and the rest of the time unplanned sounds DIVINE! Enjoy!!!

  3. Amy

    Sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned! Glad to hear things are going well with the boy too!

  4. Esme

    I’m so glad to hear that things are going well!!

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